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The best factions in Elder Scrolls

When it comes to guilds, the Elder Scrolls universe has it covered. Playable guilds are a plenty, over the course of the franchise. But within the lore there are tonnes of factions…
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What’s the best ever game cheat?

I’m not condoning cheating. We’ve all seen how cheating, or at least bending the rules, can ruin gaming experiences for other people. From the botched servers of World at War to the…
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Can customisation make or break a game?

I'm a fan of making stuff, mostly through video-games. From characters to buildings, robots to guns. Give me a game that gives you the ability to craft something unique, or personalise something you…
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Is the classic game demo dead?

For us console gamers, this generation has been that of the betas. From Battlefield to Destiny, from Halo 5 to The Division, betas have been rife in this generation of games console.…
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