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HoloLens: First Impressions

A few days back, I managed to get my hands on the Microsoft HoloLens. A moment I've been looking forward to for some time. Thankfully, the experience was everything I hoped it…
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Not So Epic Boss Fight

There's nothing better than the build up to an epic boss fight, amirite? The tension. The expectations. The battle and the victory. All of it combines to create the ultimate experience. Plus,…
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Is the zombie genre dead?

Pardon the zombie pun. We were at EGX Rezzed last weekend. Something I noticed, other than all the awesome indie games, was how few zombie titles were there. And by few, I…
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5 Games Perfect For Couples

If you're a gamer in a significant relationship, it can be tough to find the time to dedicate to playing video-games. If you're lucky like me, your other half might like playing…
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