Zombies & Trains

What better than a zombie game to review this week and considering this is a review about games to play on the train, this game just seemed to be perfect.  Zombies & Trains describes itself as a tower defense game with a difference, and it certainly is that. The main difference is the way you defeat your undead enemies. Instead of the normal array of turrets and guns, you are instead given a certain number of set train tracks with their metal carriage payload to stop the invading hoard.

This is made possible because the zombies always have targets that they have to get to on the map forcing them to cross the deadly tracks. These targets change in accordance with what game time you happen to be playing and range from a golden brain in the middle of the arena to simply crossing the screen. This challenges the player to time each trains moment to strike, so that the maximum amount of enemies are dealt with in one blow.  Act to hastily and the trains may crash into each other causing them to be out of action for a few extra seconds, this can often be the difference between winning and losing.


So what game modes are there? Well there are four modes to chose from, arcade, wave, survival and bloodshed. Arcade and wave see you face the hoard with the aim to protect a golden brain in the center of the arena. With track set up in a system that is basically a O’s and X’s board. It is vital that you time your trains carefully so that you can constantly dish out destruction and chaos without crashing trains.

Survival and Bloodshed do away with the crossed train lines and give the player a few straight tracks that span the screen. The goal here is simple; do not let the zombies cross the screen! In survival mode you have one minute and 2 tracks to prevent this from happening while in bloodshed the same time limit is given but three tracks are available to just go nuts! The aim of the game is KILL KILL KILL!

The game also contains various power ups to assist the player on the road to zombie genocide, which can be acquired in game and also purchased, from the in game store using coins. These can add a tactical advantage to situations; the power up that produces flaming trails behind the trains allows you to think about shutting the zombies out more effectively while a power up that kills all the zombies on screen can be used just at the right moment to save your skin.


With the game also offering achievements and leaderboards it gives the more competitive among you to beat your friends scores and add to your collections of game center achievements.

Zombies & Trains is currently available on the App Store for £0.69 and is a great deal at that price.

You will never look at trains in the same way again!

By ThinkBad Monkey