Zombies Everywhere! Augmented Reality Apocalypse

So looking through the App store I stumbled across a game that uses Augmented Reality. Now existing reader will know that here at IM PLAYIN we have taken an interest in the field of AR and it is always great to see games coming out for mobile or tablets that is able to utilise the tech.

The game by Useless Creations brings Augmented reality zombies into the real world. Be this in the office, at home or on the move, you can turn the environment around you into a battleground against the undead hoard.

By holding you phone/tablet, the game takes over the camera of the device to bring in zombies at random points anywhere within a 360 radius of the player. This will mean that you will be spinning around to catch the crafty infected that has managed to sneak up behind you. That may make you look like a bit of a weirdo but get yourself into the right environment (preferably where people don’t think you are weird) and this is a really fun and sometimes tense experience.


So what do you have to fight the undead with? Well, you start of with a standard pistol, clicking the on screen zombie to unload your weapon. Killing the undead can reveal better weapons such as an automatic machine gun. More powerful weapons really do come in handy when a lot of zombies appear at once.

For those of you who may want a slightly different feel to the game, it also comes with a graveyard feature. While the controls and gameplay remain the same, the environment is replaced with an eerie graveyard texture. The graphics themselves are nothing to shout home about but as the main champion here is the tech itself we can forgive any pixelated undead.


Overall, Zombies Everywhere! is an experience to play and while you may not find yourself playing it very often, it is great to show friends and I can imagine that it will go down a storm at any social gathering.

If you have any views on AR, Zombies Everywhere! or if you have any questions and you would like to get in touch then see the comments section below or tweet us @IM_PLAYIN