Zombie Tsunami – A Flood Of Fun!

My return to Train Games has arrived! Fear not, avid readers, this return has not been forced. I found a Train Game that was well worth picking up. It’s called Zombie Tsunami, and it’s as fun as it sounds. There are no defining creative features, but a cultivation of what multiple games do well. It combines the coin collection of Temple Run, as well as adding its jump mechanics with features such as the growth mechanic from games like Snake on the old Nokia phones (REMEMBER THIS!?).

Zombie Tsunami provides hours of fun and zaps those hours of traveling away. The aim of the game is simple; travel as far as you can and infect as many people as possible to get to the next level … kind of. Each ‘level’ is the same background whilst collecting more brains after turning more people into zombies – sounds easy right? Well this is while constantly having to avoid items you haven’t got enough zombies for, or jumping gaps, timing the length of the jump, avoiding cars, avoiding helicopters, bombs, and more. The reward for levelling up is a simple scratch card, two sides, scratch both to reveal prizes, varying from different backgrounds, coins or simply a dud side (note: I was unfortunate enough to get a double-dud card … just my luck).

The fun in this game comes from creating and growing your horde and going through the level while losing one or two to bombs and trying to get the ‘Random Box’. The prizes transform your zombies into different things – Ninja zombies (Cut everything in your path), quarterback zombies (bash things out of the way), Gold zombies (turn everything into coins), Balloon zombies (inverted from normal, they start in the air and jumping will bring them to ground), Dragon zombies (not actual dragons, but wearing a Chinese New Year-esque costume as one long snake, with a much longer dwell time after each jump), Giant zombie (all go into one zombie, with a laser for an eye), a Tsunami wave (wash everything out of the way) and a UFO … with a benefit that I don’t quite understand! All bonuses last for about 10/15 seconds at the start, but can be extended by spending coins on upgrading for each – other upgrades include starting with more zombies, turn bombs into coins, and more time – but they can’t be bought at will, you need to work your way through the flowchart of add-ons. As well as this, you can purchase hats for the zombies to wear; whether it be a normal cap, a cowboy hat or a royal crown. Most of which are affordable quite early on.

This is actually quite a huge reason as to why I’ve suggested this game to my friends. I know they’re not the biggest fans of micro-transactions, which I can understand the need for, but this game totally removes it from being necessary for any items really. The costs of upgrades and hats aren’t too high and whilst they increase in price exponentially, it’s never too pressing to pay for more coins unless you want everything right at the start.

Missions in the game are very similar to growing your multiplication factor in the Despicable Me game; fulfill certain objectives to add a certain amount to the vial, each of which have a different potion name depending on what mission you’re on. Objectives can be as weird as falling down a specific hole, or leaving the first few civilians, to touching the ground 10 times whilst having the balloon power-up. The home screen is very simple, but looks quite cool with the running motion visible in the background whilst seeing the key three tabs, trophy, mission, market, as well as a munched play button. After each run, you see a view of compartments with brains in, showing how many brains you have thus far and how many more you need to get the next level up, as well as your highest number of brains collected within one play-through.