Zombie Catchers! – I’m caught again

This game. I cant stop playing Catchers at times. Especially when I’m abroad, away from my beloved consoles. On my iPad I play it to death, every time an update comes out. The latest update came out at some point between the last time I was away and May, has added a new area, this time Chinatown, to the list of Swamp, Beach and Snow.zombie_catchers_first_week_800

The new area by far takes the longest to get used to in the Catchers app. They still have the same sort of zombies as per usual, but the zombies that are encased in their wings, which makes them uncatchable until they try to fly over the gap. This also means a new start for the jet pack and harpoon gun, which follows the previous updates way of doing it.

The biggest improvements in my opinion, is that Catchers has finally added some purpose to still using the past zones outside of the  “sell x amount of products” task – how they’ve done this, is by making new products that are a mixture of three zombies from different zones in the game.  This actually opens up a lot more content than before, which was confined to just the new products being from the new zombies. This means we get more levels per update that they do, which is always a plus for me!

The tasks levels are still the same, but that’s what you want from Catchers, as the game is still fun and the replay factor is still present, despite not really introducing too much new. Two Men and a Dog, the game development studio behind Catchers, includes former members of Rovio, famous for Angry Birds of course. Hearing this isn’t too surprising given how addictive Angry Birds is for so many people around the world.

The bad thing. It’s very rare that something has no point to improve on, and catchers is no different. With 4 zones now, you really need 4 drones able to go out and search for zombies, but the number of plutonium tubes you need for this (the micro-transaction system for those that haven’t played it), takes a long time to get. I’ve played this game to death on and off since the initial release and I’ve still not got enough. If it was a case of saying, £1.00 for an extra drone, I’d buy one in a heartbeat, as thanks to the developers for creating a game I always come back and play…however, as you guys may have noticed in multiple articles on this site, we try and resist participating in micro-transactions as we don’t want to ‘legitimise’ it or make it more widespread than it already is. We’d rather play a demo then pay a price for the full version of the game!

Catchers is a great pick up and play game. You can’t sit there and play it constantly for ages as the drones take time to find zombies and it takes time to make the products out of the zombies, but I find myself playing it before going out, then as soon as I get in, if possible before and after watching an episode of whatever tv show, and so on. It’s one of those that fits around your schedule. I love those. If you’ve not played it, give it a go! Or check out our original article on Zombie Catchers. (It’s called Zombie catchers on the store, but on my devices it calls itself Catchers…).