Xbox One exclusives to look forward to

If you’re new to the Xbox One, or are considering pricking one up, you’d be forgiven for believing that Titanfall was the only game to look forward to on the console. It’s not necessarily because the quality of upcoming titles are poor, it’s more the fact that Titanfall has been on everyone’s mind for the past couple of months. Titanfall this, Titanfall that – enough, right? Surprisingly enough, there are other games coming to the Xbox One that won’t be on any other console, and are worth getting excited for. Here are a few of them, for your reading pleasure.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a weird one for me. I think that, from what I’ve seen, it looks incredible. But looks aren’t everything, and there’s a lot that could put me off of this game. Too many cinematic cut scenes and not enough actual gameplay could swing this one for me, for example. It’s being labelled as a third person cover shooter with time manipulation sequences. From the various cinematic trailers, these time manipulation events will be quite spectacular. Obviously, during gameplay it could be quite different. Nonetheless, I’m still looking forward to this one. It’s the next ‘big hitter’ for Microsoft, and will hopefully really show off the power behind the Xbox One.


This is one that you could be forgiven for not knowing about. The game is based around a private detective whose wife has been murdered. The trauma of the event causes the PI to lose his memory of her murder and discovering specific objects whilst investigating her death causes the player to travel back in time. These time traveling events will help uncover what happened, as he pieces together his lost memory. D4 will be an episodic game and is being developed by Access Games. It will be in a cell-shaded graphical style, much like a graphic novel. From what I’ve seen, this game looks really different and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s not been given a release date just yet, but I’m hoping for 2014.


Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is set in the not so distant future, where a large portion of the human race has been infected by an unspecified mutation. Surprisingly, these mutants are out for blood and it’s down to the player to navigate the maps and avoid the nasties. It will be focused on agility in combat and it sounds a lot like Mirrors Edge meets Left 4 Dead, with a little Brink thrown in there for good measure. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one, so when I know more I’ll be sure to let fill you in!


I covered this one in an article a few months ago and I don’t know much more about it at the moment, I’m afraid. So I’ll just quote myself for you to read / to save me time because it’s a Sunday evening and I’m tired.

“Below is an Xbox only platforming game that may have slipped under the radar of many an Xbox One owner. It’s a top down adventure game based on the concepts of dungeon exploring. It’s a little more difficult than that, though. The environments are randomly generated and the goal of the game is centered around your character’s survival. The graphics are quaint, looking more like a cartoon than a video-game – it resembles some of the real classics from the retro days, way back when. There seems to be a lot of potential with this one, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a solid release date! It should be coming out in 2014, but we’ll see. It will be on the PlayStation at some point, but it will be released first on the One and then later on subsequent consoles.”

But there will also be a new Halo and Fable game to look forward to and they’ve even been hinting at another Crackdown and Gears of War to get excited about. The future is definitely bright for the Xbox One. There are also a couple of Microsoft exclusives that are worth setting your sights on (both of which are coming out on the Xbox One).

Super Time Force

Another one that you might not have heard about, Super Time Force is a side scrolling shooter in development by Capybara Games, who are also responsible for Below. The game will be based on timed runs of bullet ridden levels where the player has just 30 lives. At the end of the run (or when you decide to give up) you are able to re-wind your play through and start it from an earlier life. It sounds like the sort of game that will be a quick pick up and play, much like a game called N+ that I used to play on the 360 when I was bored or waiting for something to download. It won’t be a console seller, but it looks like it’ll at least be a lot of fun, and the graphics look incredibly retro, which I love.


Project Spark

I’ve been playing the Project Spark beta for the past week on the Xbox One and I’m absolutely loving it. To be honest, Spark is worth at least two slots in this list, purely because you can both create games and play your (or others’) created games. In reality, however, it could take up hundreds of slots on this list because there are multitudes of possible games to create, from Fable like adventures to indi remakes of PacMan or Space Invaders. The full game will be coming out some time this year. The beta is amazing, so I can’t wait for the full release with (hopefully) even more content!

So there you go, there’s plenty more than just Titanfall to the Xbox One. I’m really excited for these games and can’t wait for E3 this year where, hopefully, we’ll be hearing more about some of them as well as Microsoft announcing a few more exclusives.