The Wishlist – Top Gaming Merchandise

Head on over to the Playstation blog to find their latest Spring competition and you will see that as well as winning a console (which is great!) you can also pick up some Playstation Stash as well. This got me thinking, what’s my most wanted gaming related gear out there? The list below is a top 5 gaming merchandise wish list, for the apparel and gadgets would make every gamer’s house a bit more awesome.

1. Moxxi’s Bad Touch

I love Moxxi as a character in Borderlands, her one liners and relationships between the other key players are brilliant. It seems only fitting that when you finally get a hold of her gun, not only does the name fit but the gun looks cool and very fitting to the charming but deadly lady. If you have the cash, you can pick up Moxxi’s Bad Touch for around £640.



2. Minecraft Torch

I think it’s every gamer’s dream to kit their house out head to toe in gaming merchandise, that is until reality sets in and not only do you realise the cost of it all, but also the looks you would get from the majority of visitors. However a cheap, easy and practical way to illuminate rooms and satisfy that gaming nerd itch is to grab some Minecraft torch lights. I have had my eyes on these for a while now and I’m just waiting for the right time to pick them up and put them around the place. Perhaps I’ll start mining the walls to see if there’s any diamond there?


3. Ratchet & Clank T Shirt

The new Ratchet & Clank game is either out, or soon to be released, depending on where you live, and I am buzzed about that. The Ratchet games were always my favorite on the PS2 and not having a PS3 in favour of an Xbox 360, I feel that I missed out. What better way to be an extra part of the fandom and fully pull myself back in to the world of Ratchet & Clank with a T Shirt.


4. Halo Warthog Briefcase

The problem with most bags and briefcases nowadays is that they don’t scream ‘Halo’ enough. I managed to find this gem after it popped up on Facebook and it went straight onto my “want” list. It may not be practical to take to work, but it would be cool to whack in the boot of your car or maybe fill with loads of money and take it to a shady deal, maybe you have arranged to buy the super special limited edition Halo 5?

5. Replica Gun-blade FF VIII

I couldn’t leave this list without including at least one replica sword now, could I? Replica swords have a special play in a lot of boys and that excitement may fade as we get older, but it never goes away. The sword on the top of my list is the Gun-blade from FF VIII. Not only is it a sword and a gun at the same time (awesome!) but FF VIII will also have a special place on my shelf as one of the best role-playing games I spent some serious time with.


So there you go, my gaming merchandise wish list. There are loads more that I would love to get my hands on, but I don’t think that list will ever end. But what do you guys think of the list? Link in the comments below to the gaming merch that you would love to have!