Will we be disappointed with Games with Gold on the One?

I’ve done quite a few articles on Games with Gold of late. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the calibre of games on the Xbox 360 Games with Gold lately. Deadlight is great fun and Dust: An Elysian Tale is an absolute gem of a game. I’ve been addicted to Dust for the past few weeks and it’s the second best arcade game that I’ve ever played on the 360 (sorry Dust, State of Decay takes the number one position). Still, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the fact that the Xbox One was lacking in Games with Gold. But, thank my lucky stars, Games with Gold will be coming in June for the Xbox One! Is that not the most exciting thing that you’ve ever heard? No, well maybe after I’ve told you the games you’ll change your tune … maybe.

So the first game we will be given is Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Sadly for me, I’ve already played it and completed it 100% whilst earning all of the achievements. So I won’t be downloading and playing it again. However, Max is an absolutely fantastic game and I fell in love with it on the One. It’s a puzzle platformer unlike any other because you have to control the environment with a magic marker to traverse the levels. It allows you to build bridges out of trees, swing across the levels on vines or raise rock platforms out of the ground to shoot you up into the air. It’s a bit of a thinking man’s game and it isn’t for the faint hearted. It can be incredibly frustrating, so be prepared to ‘restart from last checkpoint’ a hell of a lot. I’m really pleased that Microsoft are offering Max to Xbox One owners because it really is a unique game. It’s the sort of game that people would be reluctant to try but pleased once they’ve given it a bit of time. As far as a free game goes, you will not be disappointed. I mean, I paid £15 for it and at the time I thought it was worth every penny.

The second game us Xbox One owners are being offered in June is Halo: Spartan Assault. I’ve not personally played this game, but it seems to have been universally shunned by the gaming industry. But then what do reviewers know, hey. I must admit, from what I’ve read and the videos that I’ve watched, I’m not holding out hope for Spartan Assault. It might be fun for a few hours, but that will probably be it. Max has a good few hours of gameplay in it, especially if you focus on getting all of the achievements, which is quite the achievement in its own right.

So I guess I’ve finally got what I wanted, Games with Gold on the Xbox One. I must admit, though, I’m not overly impressed with the choices of games. Don’t get me wrong, Max is a fantastic game, but after all of this waiting I was hoping for a more substantial game. Perhaps Tomb Raider, Zoo Tycoon … maybe even Ryse. I’ve played two of those three, so I’m not really thinking of myself. I’m thinking of us gamers as a whole. It would have been nice to get something more substantial. I’d imagine that Max and Spartan Assault hardly even combine to make the equivalent of a full game. Still, better luck next month hey!

For July, I’d like to see a bigger game in the mix. Something with a bit more longevity to it. One of the heavy hitters! I know it’s incredibly unlikely, but I guess we’ll see.