Will these be the new Nintendo Mobile Games?

Many of you will now know that Nintendo intends to enter the mobile games scene, breaking a long period of time when it seemed that they would not touch it with a 10 foot pole! Most likely because they are trying to ship something called a 3DS.

As we look forward to this momentous occasion that will see some out our favorite characters grace the screens of our pocket computers, we can only speculate as to the exact nature of the games that they will be. In the mean time, we have taken a look at what could be, if Nintendo did what quite a few mobile companies do and simply use their assets to rip of another company’s idea.

So, without further ado, here are our 5 ideas for Nintendo Mobile Games

1. Mario Crush Saga

Just like in prison, you need to find the biggest badass in the joint and take them down on your first day. In the same way, Nintendo are going to use their biggest franchise to wipe King & Candy Crush out of the picture altogether, with Mario Crush Saga. Mario Crush Saga will be a brilliantly unique game where skill and wit will both help you to triumph, the end goal being rescuing the princess, of course. To do this, you will have to go through endless levels of matchmaking. Using all the icons that you recognise from Mario, you will have to match 3 of any kind to build up your score and beat the level.


2. Clash of Zelda

Zelda has always been able to add a little dark edge to the Nintendo family, and Clash of Zelda will be no different. You are in an empty field, you know that any day monsters will attack the land of Hyrule. You are tasked with building up the kingdom’s defences to save the land and pay as much money as possible in microtransactions. Leveling up your structures and defences are key here in making your version of Hyrule the best ever.

3. Metroid Jump

Admit it, the first thing that anyone would do in power armour would see how high they could jump. Well that is the thinking behind this new epic in the Metroid series, ‘Metroid Jump’. The aim of the game is to get Samus as high as possible, while avoiding obstacles and taking out enemies by firing up with your cannon. The great thing about Metroid Jump is that it will use the tilt controls on the mobile, ditching the traditional arrow buttons, players will have to wave their hands all over the place to get the best score.


4. Angry Kong

Donkey Kong is back again, this time getting some retro action as his old enemy K.Rool and his Kremling crew are back, building evil structures all over Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong and friends are attempting to knock them all down. You will have to fire different barrels from Donkey Kong’s hastily made slingshot in order to destroy the Kremlings and cause as much destruction as possible.

5. Pokemon

That is, just Pokemon… I am happy to admit that the first 4 on this list are taking the piss in a big way, but when it comes to Pokemon you can’t mess about. Can you imagine the sheer joy that would come from millions of people if they were finally able to play Pokemon on their mobiles… officially, that is. We are unlikely to see a direct port from the DS or gameboy version, as Nintendo still has handheld consoles to ship. But I can see a uniquely mobile version of Pokemon emerging and so much more. Please Nintendo, use the connection and power of these mobile devices to create something magical with this franchise.

So, what do you think!? Did we nail it here, or do you have some other suggestions, silly or genuine, as to the nature of Nintendo’s foray into mobile. Let us know in the comments!