Will The GTA V Heists Arrive This Year? And, If So, What Could We Expect?

Like many of you reading this, I am patiently awaiting the arrival of the GTA V heists. I’ve been waiting quite a while now… or should I say we’ve been waiting quite a while. In fact, it’s been well over a year. That’s a long ass time. To be honest, I’m struggling to see whether the heists will even arrive before the end of the year. Still, I’ve been faithfully browsing the web, trying to find any hint, any nugget of information that might suggest that the heists are on their way. And, now, I can whole heartedly tell you that I’ve found squat. And I mean diddly-squat. Jack shit… really.

Rockstar is holding its cards pretty darn close to its chest on this one. About the only inkling of evidence that I’ve found which suggests the heists are on their way, is that Rockstar confirmed they would be released with the next GTA V update. Although that’s mysterious and unhelpful – because now all its done is create the question ‘when is the next update coming?’. Surprisingly enough, that question has been answered by plenty of websites, all with helpfully accurate information suggesting dates like last Tuesday, December 2nd. Obviously, Tuesday came and went but the heists never arrived. All it has done is create a hype of mass hysteria and rumour spinning. So, in all, I haven’t got a clue when the heists will arrive, but I’d be (very pleasantly) surprised if it’s before January. I could see Rockstar releasing a mass update across all consoles in line with the PC release of GTA V – to help tie everything off with a nice big bow.

That brings me on to my next question ‘what could we expect?’. What a handsome question, me. It’s tough to say exactly what the heists are going to be. Well… obviously they’re going to be heist like – so I’d imagine that we’ll be robbing hard working businesses of their cash. How we’ll be doing this, however, is open for debate. I doubt they’ll be as in-depth as the story mode heists, they’ll probably be much closer to the missions we’ve already been doing – just with a bigger pay-out. It will probably be objective based like the missions – but I’d imagine that they’ll have to be far more intricate, and difficult and take longer to complete as well. Recently, there has been a leak that suggests the heists could be broken down into separate missions, and players may also have to foot an initial bill to fund the heist to start with. I guess they’ll have to warrant the bigger pay-out somehow. Plus, it isn’t in Rockstars interest to make them easy or short.

Why isn’t it in their interest? Because how will they make money otherwise! For some unknown reason, people have been buying the Shark Cards, which give you in-game money in exchange for actual money. Personally, I’ve not seen the need for them as I make enough money from actually playing the game. Still, some people like to get their cash fast to buy things they want, which is fair enough… it’s their money after all. BUT, if Rockstar start releasing heists with relatively decent pay-outs (say somewhere in the region of $60,000-$200,000), that are quick and easy to complete like most of the missions we’ve been used to, less people will be buying the Shark Cards. So it’s in their interest to keep them long and difficult – and possibly timed (so you could only do one per GTA week), so that they can keep people buying the Shark Cards to top up their GTA Online funds. Plus, the harder and longer they are, the longer people will be playing them before they start asking for more. It will have taken them over a year to get the first bunch out, so they’ll want some sort of breathing space between the release of the first batch and the release of any subsequent heists.

My prediction is that the heists will be with us by the end of January next year, with them probably being released near the PC release of the game. Whether or not that means they’ll be here before then, I’m not sure. I really do hope they’re here soon, though.