Will H1Z1 focus more on the horror aspect of ‘Survival Horror’?

In the first gameplay trailer for H1Z1, we’re asked if we can ‘survive the night’. I feel, considering that it’s going to be a sandbox MMORPG, surviving the night isn’t going to be too tough. Otherwise you’re going to have some seriously pissed off gamers, if they’re dying every time the sun sets. Still, the trailer did highlight one or two interesting aspects of the game that I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

For an MMORPG, the gameplay seemed rather tense. Much of this was thanks to the audio in the video, which may well have been added to creep out the viewer as opposed to it being in the actual gameplay. Still, tense moments are few and far between in games like Day Z and State of Decay. There are a good few jumps, but they’re not ‘Survival Horrors’ in the same vein as games like Outlast and Dead Space. Those games really know how to create an atmosphere, whereas most zombie games and films these days go for gore and cheap jumps. I’d like to see an intense, creepy, atmospheric, slightly gory with the occasional jumps type of zombie game, and H1Z1 could be just that. But then it was only 58 seconds of very little other than the occasional zombie and a lot of darkness.

Screenshot (14)

The graphics aren’t much to rave about, but they look passable. I wouldn’t describe them as next-gen, but then again, pausing an incredibly dark YouTube video to screen-cap the three second scene in which you could actually see something is never going to be an accurate representation of a game’s graphics. Still, the lighting was quite cool. When the player lit the torch, it illuminated the surrounding area revealing the brick building type church place and the scary, scary zombie. Positively petrifying. The flame looks rather realistic too. Lighting is always something that’s incredibly difficult to get right. But it’s also incredibly important in a survival horror, so I’m looking forward to seeing more. Also, it looks like there could be fast zombies, like off of 28 Days Later. I know, I know. They’re not zombies, they’re infected. Still, if ever zombie is a fast zombie, it will really change the game. A nice mix is always preferable, otherwise their survival zombie game will turn into Left 4 Dead rather than The Walking Dead. Here’s the trailer.


I’m really excited for this game, it’s shaping up to be a real doozey. This little teaser trailer has truly wet my appetite, so here’s to more! Hopefully Sony Online Entertainment will be brining us a few more videos in the near future. Especially considering that there should be a lot more to this game than just ‘surviving the night’.