What’s the best ever game cheat?

I’m not condoning cheating. We’ve all seen how cheating, or at least bending the rules, can ruin gaming experiences for other people. From the botched servers of World at War to the glitches in The Division back in April. But in single player experiences, where the only person who’ll be affected by cheat codes is you. I say go for it. Remove gravity. Give yourself unlimited ammo. Make yourself invincible, or invisible. Give yourself every weapon or turn your enemies into chickens. Cheat to your heart’s content!

In that vein, here are my favourite ever cheats from some of my most loved games.

GTA: San Andreas, best weapons in the game

Grand Theft Auto games are fun in their own rights. But having cheat codes makes that open-world mayhem even more chaotic. There are tonnes of awesome cheat codes, but one of my favourites for San Andreas was the code for getting all of the best weapons in the game. Flamethrowers, rocket launchers, grenades, Molotovs – you name it, you got it. We’d then activate the cheat for automatic full wanted level, and go crazy.

GTA: Vice City, flying cars and aquatic cars

I love the GTA series, and Vice City is one of my favourites. But unlike most GTA titles you weren’t able to swim. Activating aquatic cars enabled you to traverse bodies of water with ease, and pinch people’s boats in the process. But, my favourite cheat on Vice City was flying cars. Hit up enough speed and find a ramp and the car would take off and float for a while. But the key was to turn a tank’s turret the opposite direction to the way you’re driving, and use it as a propellant. Keep firing and eventually you’ll be flying as high as a bird. Albeit a 60 tonne bird.


Hitman 2, no gravity for dead enemies

Me and my brother had hours of fun activating the no gravity cheat on Hitman 2. Once you killed an NPC, they’d then start floating around the map. It might seem simple, but it was bloody hilarious. Particularly when you killed a room full of them. It was kind of like letting go of the helium balloons at a friend’s birthday party… just way more morbid.

Age of Empires, BIGDADDY

There were some great cheats on Age of Empires. From increasing your coin, to your food rations, to wood. You could even get catapults that flung civilians… if that was your joint. But the best cheat of all was BIGDADDY. A rocket launching car which destroyed everything in its path. It’s the cheat to end all cheats, in the world of Age of Empires at least – so I only used it sparingly.


Pokémon Red / Blue, unlimited rare candies

Pokémon games are the best. But it’s a pain to grind it out and slowly level your Pokémon.  So the rare candy cheat on Red / Blue was a godsend. Not necessarily on my first few playthroughs, but when I just wanted to level my Pokémon to have the very best, I dabbled in a little unfair rare candy play.

The Sims, unlimited money

Imagine having unlimited wealth? Doing some of the Sims’ cash cheats meant just that. You could build to your heart’s content – which meant that I didn’t need to wait for my Sim to get that stupid promotion at work, (which we’d been studying so hard for) before building my three tiered swimming pool. Of course, it took away some of the fun of the game. But when it came down to it – I just wanted to build a castle and not have to worry about paying the electric bills at the end of the month.

So there are some of my favourite cheat codes from games gone by. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!