What Is Your Favourite Game?

A few months ago, I wrote an article asking the readers about their favourite games. I asked them to write a brief review of their favourite game and post it in the comments section below the article. Here are those reviews, completely unedited for your reading pleasure.


“Bioshock. The single greatest linear narrative in a game. A story which manages to cover the philosophy of Ayn Rand and the nature of single player linear games themselves. The combat was solid, with a really nice upgrade system which limits the amount of guns you can improve make you genuinely think about. Also the variety in combat, hacking drones, crossbows, telekinesis etc. And the world of Rapture is by far the best video game world I’ve played in, it manages to be terrifying but intriguing enough that you keep on going through every creepy passage and flooded doctor’s office. Finally the Big Daddies were a brilliant addition, enemies that took (for me at least) genuine planning and preparation to beat. Do you load up an explosive barrel with mines and throw it at him? Do you lead them through narrow passage ways shocking them as they stand on water until they meet your array of hacked turrets? Do you think ‘screw it’ and just prey you have enough armour piercing tommy gun rounds? Oh and ‘would you kindly’.” – Liam

Call of Duty – World at War

“One of my favourite games is Call of Duty: World at War. I’ve always been a massive fan of the COD games and I still am, but I’ve always loved the World War Two setting, opposed to the modern warfare games that have been out recently. It had a really good story, with some cool characters that have stuck in the genre, like Resnov. It was also one of the only COD games that I can remember that had proper gore, which I think is important in war games (within reason). But the main reason that I love the game so much is because of the multiplayer. I spent hours playing World at War with my friends online. We used to go around in small squads, just the four of us, and absolutely dominate our opponents! Dome was my personal favourite level, because I love the close combat that the Call of Duty series seems to have down so well. It was also the first COD game to incorporate the Nazi Zombie game mode, which was incredible at the time. We spent hours trying to hold off the hordes of zombies on Nacht Der Untoten and Der Riese, with intrecate systems for keeping the hordes at bay. It was by far the best COD to date, and the game is packed full of memories for me.” – James

Final Fantasy VII & Suidoken

“I have two games that I could play over and over and have done since the nineties, the first being final fantasy 7. People either love it or they don’t, but I loved every minute. From trying to get every weapon and limit break, to watching the great cutscenes. Second, I loved suikoden, probably the first RPG I ever played and still do filled with puzzles and a great story.” – Craig

Battlefield 4 & Fallout 3

“I have 2 games that I rate number 1 for the simple reason ones on 360 the other is on the one, I’ll start with battlefield 4. This game for me is by far the very best on xbox one I love the limitless warfare you have so many choices of the way you do battle that reason alone makes it unique to cod ect, however playing it on 360 I have to say was horrible the maps are way oversized for 12 v 12. My second is fallout 3 GOTY for 360 this game is truly limitless and one of the very games that truly are ( I’ve done way over 200 hours) and still love it like day one. It really makes you feel like you are in the game it makes you care about actions, it’s so depth and is a must play for any gamer.” – Karl

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

“For me it has to be Timesplitters: Future Perfect. For a game in an already fantastic series to produce a third of that caliber was amazing. It combined an incredibly complex story around time travel and made it easy to understand creating those WOW, OMG moments when you would see yourself from and earlier point in the game running around. It was amazing! Not only that, but the moods that each level creates means that you will be laughing your head off at parts, (and the game does nail the comedy throughout the game) but also can leave you terrified after fighting your way through a mansion infested with zombies, ghosts and other such nasties. To top it all off, it had one of best pre online multipliers out there, especially if you managed to play it 4 players on the Gamecube. The wide variety of maps were great and the weapons always mixed the games up. I genuinely miss playing against bots as it was just so much fun! Though I think that online play has effectively killed the need for bots, there was an intelligence to them that made you feel like you were playing against really players. It was a great game and I hope whoever ownes the IP now makes another one and captures the fantastic nature of its predecessors.” – Oliver

Tekken Tag Tournament

“My favourite game of all time has to be Tekken Tag tournament on the playstation 2. I must have played it with my cousin for hours on end trying to reach the final boss together on the hardest difficulty was extremely frustrating but so worth it in the end. It made the game so much better because of the fact you could play it with someone else to achieve the same goal. I loved the game because of the type of fighting you could do and the characters were really cool too and they all had their own little story which was very interesting how some of them linked up together. My favourite characters from not only TTT2 but the entire Tekken series have got to be Marshall and Forest Law (mainly because they portrayed my idol Bruce Lee), Armour King, Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, Bryan and my all time favourite Kazuya Mishima – from seeing the game advertised in Argos on the very first playstation one in 1995 to now, Kazuya to me is the absolute boss in Tekken, he was the first ever boss in the game (Tekken 1) and he was so incredibly difficult to defeat in Tekken 2 for the final boss stage, it just made me think he was the most powerful and dominating character there is. Every thing about him is just too cool, his purple 3 piece dinner suit just made him ooze class whilst smashing your face in, the fact that he has a devil that he turns into that can shoot lasers out his forehead and fly and that he got chucked off a mountain and survived – how hard is that dude! Not forgetting Marshall and Forest Law – I always loved playing with them two because of the fantastic Bruce Lee screams they made and the moves of his that they had too, they done very well in portraying Bruce. My love for the Tekken series is mainly because of Kazuya, if he wasn’t in it then I definitely wouldn’t love it as much.” – LJ

Crash Bandicoot

“My favourite game ever has to be Crash Bandicoot. The levels were well thought out and original, increased with difficulty at a good rate, and the boss battles were hard, but not too hard to throw my controller at the screen (I am a notorious rage-quitter). The characters, however, were what really drew me back to this game again and again. The mask (Aku Aku) who always had your back, an adorable little panda that you had as your little steed on which you had to conquer the Great Wall of China (one of my favourite levels, personally) and Tiny Tiger, a brilliant boss in both Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3, the best battle being against him in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, in which you had to defeat him in a Colosseum. Overall I think the entire Crash Bandicoot series had it all: fun, challenge, great characters, but mostly they were amazing to complete and being able to brag to your mates at school that you had finally beaten the latest instalment of the game!” – Sarah

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated! If you’ve read this article and are now feeling inspired to write your own review, why not write it up in the comments section below!