Using the Xbox One’s March update – the hidden changes

If you haven’t read it yet, a few days ago I wrote an article on the beta for the Xbox One’s March update. In all, I think that the changes are fantastic, and I can’t wait for my friends to get the actual update later this month – so that they can enjoy the shiny new changes and I can finally be in a party with them again. Since writing it, however, I’ve stumbled across a couple of other changes that aren’t overly obvious. See, I decided against reading about the update and what it entailed and chose, instead, to explore my console and find out for myself. These changes are less obvious and kind of hidden away, but they’re there nonetheless, and now they’re here.

Kinect Changes

There is now an option to disable the Kinect hand gestures whilst watching a video. Finally! I noticed this one earlier today when I saw the option in the Kinect settings. It stops the Kinect from picking up your movements whilst watching a video, which means that you can’t accidentally swipe out of a video and those annoying see-through hands won’t appear on your screen every time you scratch your head.

Whilst stumbling across that update, I also noticed that Kinect gesture and voice command tutorials are in the Kinect settings menu. I remember seeing this tutorials when first setting up my Kinect, but after that day I never saw them again.

When using the “Xbox, Volume Up” or “Xbox, Volume Down” commands, you are now able to choose the value by which it turns up or down. This is a great addition, as you can now know how much you’re turning your audio up or down by. There’s nothing more annoying than accidently muting the audio, or waking up the house late at night with an accidentally zealous turn up.

Friends Update

I did cover this one in the other article, but I forgot to mention the ability to see the players that you’ve blocked as well as physically search for players on Xbox Live. This isn’t a massive change, but it is nice to see your blocked players, should you have a change of heart in the future and subsequently decide to un-block them. It’s also nice to be able to search for people that you’ve recently played against so that you can then block them, if they’ve pissed you off, of course.

Controller Update

This one is a firmware update that enables the Xbox One Headset Adapter, and some of the newer headsets, to work with your Xbox One controller. I feel like it might also have made the controller a little more sensitive in the triggers, though I could just be convincing myself that there’s a change when there hasn’t been. What I know for sure is that a USB cable is needed to run the update, and you can find the option in the ‘System’ section under ‘Update Controller’. The update will allow you to have both in-game audio and party chat in your headphones, rather than just the latter – here’s to complete immersion!

Twitch Update

I haven’t noticed this one, as the update isn’t yet live, but I did miss out a couple of new features which will be rolling out with the update, and are worth mentioning. Viewers will be able to send party invites to you whilst you broadcast and you can then send invites to viewers in chat, should you want any of them to join your game. Finally, you’ll also be able to see how popular your Twitch stream is whilst you broadcast.

That’s about it, I think. I can’t seem to find anything else hidden in the depths of my Xbox’s settings. But, if I’ve missed something that you know about, drop me a message!