Using the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

They finally arrived! I ordered my headset from as the Pound was doing well against the Canadian Dollar, three weeks later they turned up and have been put to a few great uses since. The supplier said they sent them airmail but I suspect they just glued them to a randomly migrating Canadian Snow Goose that just happened to be flying in my general direction. Aside from long delivery times, I’m pretty chuffed because what I ended up with for my £64.37 turns out to be more like a top of the range £100 headset, at least it’s the best I’ve ever owned and that includes a £90 pair of Philips and a lot of Turtle Beach and Gioteck cheaper models.

Connecting to the PS4 is a doddle as long as you’ve got a free USB slot, just shove in the supplied dongle and turn on the headset, the PS4 will do the rest. The headset has a switch with three main settings: Off; 1 which is your basic on; and 2 which is your customised sound setting into which you can preload different sound setups using the free app from the PlayStation Store. It ships with the bass already kicked into overdrive on setting 2 and as I write this I’m listening to my Spotify playlist on my PC.


Yup, just plug the dongle into any USB slot on your PC. The headset works great with my desktop so I’m looking forward to hearing what Diablo III really sounds like later on, suffice it to say the £90 pair of Philips headphones that I used to use are now gathering dust. I also tried a USB slot on my Xbox 360 just in case, but I’m afraid it wasn’t to be, as far as I could work out, so at least the Gioteck headset will still get some use. The Sony Gold Headset is also incredibly comfortable, with foam cushions over the ears and foam lining inside the headband which means you won’t end up with a deep groove across the top of your bonce after marathon sessions.

The box also contains a handy carry bag for your headset and dongle so you can simply fold it all up and take it with you, the mic is integrated into the earpiece so there’s no mic boom to get in the way of your coffee either. The faceplates on the side arms can even be replaced with customised ones, which is pretty cool. Also in the box is a little lead that will allow you to connect your headset to your PS Vita which just elevates your portable gaming to a whole new level of aural intensity and will bring you a lot of jealous looks on your commute.


Left-handers of the world can rejoice because all the operational buttons are on the left side of the unit. At the back behind the left ear there’s a VSS (Virtual Surround Sound) toggle switch and a good old mute button so others can’t hear you ordering tea from your mum or shouting at the cat, and the volume control which lets you click it up to 11 with no distortion, just eardrum damage if you’re not careful. The front has the very handy chat/sound switch which lets you change the ratio of one to the other for when you absolutely positively must hear squad commands from your leader so you can ignore them properly and get on with shooting people in the face, and finally the ‘Off/1/2’ switch is bottom left, probably the least used button as, once you’ve set it to 2, you won’t ever want to turn it off.

After playing around for several hours out of the box I decided to see how long it would take to charge the headset even though it didn’t seem to require it – 3 hours in case you’re wondering – and it hasn’t run out of juice for the past 8 hours so I’ve no idea how long it’ll last with a full charge. It’s long enough for me at any rate.

Range from the dongle seems to be around 10-12 feet before the sound just cuts out completely, but this also includes me continuing to listen to my Spotify playlist in the room below where my PC is situated and walking up the stairs next to the same room, so ceilings and walls are no barrier to my Foo Fighter fetish.

As for my PS4 games themselves, if you remember that moment of clarity you had the first time you switched from SDTV to HDTV, switching from a cheap headset to these puppies is the same type of clarity, all your games just suddenly became even more awesome. Shop around though, there are a few good deals kicking about for the Sony Gold Wireless Headset without having to import them, but you might have to wait for stock to arrive, at the time of writing has found them for as low as £55.

They also work with the PS3 of course. Worth the price? Oh yes.