Unfinished Swan – IM PLAYIN Review

PlayStation Plus normally gives you the chance to try out some of the best indie games out there, normally some games that are either quirky, artistic or just a bit weird. By those standards Unfinished Swan tops the list by being all of these combined into one.

Resembling the quiet majesty of Child of Light, Unfinished Swan sets a slow mental pace to the game that lets you sink into the experience like sinking into a comfy armchair. Told like a children’s tale, it’s simple story of a boy following a painting that has come alive is surprisingly engaging, due mostly to the fact you discover more and more about the world around him as you play. While there is no alien invasion, or attacking armies, the basic tale of belonging and friendship is an endearing one that wraps you in a warm blanket of intrigue.

Mirroring the story, the world to seems welcoming. Starting off with nothing but white, you will have to fling paint in front of you in order to reveal the landscape, appreciating the differences to find your way through. When some colour finally does emerge, it is still kept very simple in a way that warms up the landscape at keeping you aware of your lone place in the empty world. This simple, serene style provides a brilliant contrast when the game does plunge you into more creepy territories and the juxtaposition makes the stakes even higher & the atmosphere even more tense.

There are very little mechanics to master and for most of the play through you can only jump and fire a ball of paint but there are some very well thought out puzzles and world mechanics that need to be utilised to progress. Growing vines to clime on or create new shapes not only challenge you to navigate with care but also looks visually stunning. Hunting down and collecting balloons in each level can also unlock more gameplay features that will aid you on your quest.

Unfinished Swan is the perfect indie game, and I mean that in a great way. It brings you something that the big AAA game wouldn’t and most importantly, it gives the player an experience they may not have had before. It’s a perfect game to be on PlayStation Plus and I hope everyone gives it a go, even if they discover it’s not their cup of tea.