UFC – Why is pounding men so fun?

I’d like to think that I often come up with great titles…This one I’m not sure about. Have I gone too far? Is it actually funny? Will people get it? I feel like I’ve played too many EA games (EA Sports in particular, but EA as a whole too) already this year and console generation – perhaps I should slow down…anyway, onto talking about UFC and why I’ve enjoyed and disliked my time with it. I borrowed this game solely to play career mode to be honest; yes I’ve heard of a lot of the fighters within the game, but I don’t feel the need to do my own match-ups; although this might be something I do for the youtube channel (www.youtube.com/implayintv – no promo). I enjoyed the career – I wasn’t too interested in playing online; and as such I didn’t try out it’s features – so I apologise if this is very…solo/campaign focused!

The amount of customisation for the appearance of your character was quite appealing – although you get some choices in the other EA Sports games, this gave me considerably more – especially when it came to the beard. These pieces of customisation become an important part of stopping this game from going stale and enhancing your play time through different appearances and walkouts through your career of what seems like 40 fights no matter what happens. Changing your walkout music is handy, but it’s a shame you can’t add more songs from your own personal library – to give it that true custom feel. Other customisable parts include the banner shown during the announcement of your fighter whilst inside the Octagon; and you unlock these additional brands and such from gaining more and more fans, through winning fights, Performance of the night bonuses and other additional bonuses, such as 1st round etc. It would be good if money became an actual part of the game, like it has in  NHL 14 and old gen NHL 15 – where you can have sponsors such as billboards or tv adverts, or just endorse products…I would have loved to have seen this replicated and my fighter endorsing a pizza chain p’raps! ‘The Meatballs will knock you out of this world!’…Maybe I shouldn’t do adverts.

As a big fan of Bruce Lee (I’m in the process of writing a piece about the app game that’s currently available now! keep your eyes peeled!), it was great to see EA Sports UFC honor him with a place in the game, as a DLC character, which I picked up for free. What I must say I didn’t like was that they’d put him in as available in all weight categories, he would have weighed in as a Featherweight…I understand that people will want to see him go up against big guns like Jon Jones or Robbie Lawler, but that’s not how it works! Maybe I’m just being a bit of a stickler. I mentioned earlier the 40 fights career – well, what I mean by this is that, no matter how much damage you take in fights, it all adds up on a bar as “significant strikes absorbed” – which clocks up until it is full, which is when you retire…however, I went a few fights without taking any real damage and knocking the opponent out within a minute, but it still added a portion to the strikes absorbed – which is a shame. My character was around 32 when he retired, which is really unrealistic (unless forced to through injury), especially when you can still see Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson around, who’s still going at 44 years of age!


I love the sport of UFC…but it’s tough to pin it down into a game; there’s so many different moves, different combinations, different punches, techniques, submissions to try and pin into a character/player/controller! I often found myself sticking to certain moves (my most common knock out was via superman punch…which meant my hard-drive filled up VERY quickly with all those highlight videos). The submissions were the toughest part to master – which is exactly why I made my character a Jiu-Jitsu specialist, that as well as it being the martial art I practiced. Jiu-Jitsu specialist meant that my character had a pre-defined ability to make it harder to be submitted and taken down by the opposition fighter. In fact, I never actually submitted someone during my characters career, by the point I’d mastered it, everyone I was fighting was pretty much rated 100, which was kinda annoying, seeing that every belt had about 5/6 fighters with 100 skills in all 3 categories, Ground, Stand up and submission. Anyway, this meant that by the time I personally had learned the controls for submitting fully, I couldn’t do it to the opposition…so instead, I beat the living daylights out of them!

Ever have a tough day at work? The missus or a friend annoying you? Then pick this up and clatter your way through a different fighter! Lovely job.