Top Young Players – FIFA 15

I’ve already done one of these lists for FIFA 14, and there are one or two players on that list that are still pretty good for FIFA 15. Still, as EA always tend to do, there are plenty of young players out there that start off pretty average, but end up as global superstars. Here’s a list of a few of those players.

I’m going to change it up a bit this time round, and give a starting eleven of the cheaper young players instead of a mix of cheap and expensive. I’ll then mention the expensive alternative next to the position, for the players that I think are worth buying.


Simone Scuffet – This 18 year old keeper starts at a measly 71 overall, so he’s definitely the sort of player you’d buy to start for a team like Colchester, or Southend in Division 1 / 2. He’ll make a decent backup goalkeeper for a highly rated Championship squad, like Norwich, or a low rated Premiership squad, like QPR. Personally, I have him as my number two to Ruddy in my Norwich team. He has a potential of around 87, so he’s definitely worth a purchase, even if you end up loaning him out for a season or two.


Thibaut Courtois – He’s already 22, which is young for a goalkeeper, but old for a young prospect. He’s pretty much already made it, according to FIFA, with a starting rating of 86. But he has a potential of 90+, so if you have the millions required to purchase him and pay his wages, he’s definitely one to pick up.


Alex Telles – This 21 year old Brazilian has bags of potential. He starts at around 72 overall but, with a potential of 84 he’s one for the future. Because he’s a bit older than some of the younger players, he actually progresses quite quickly, so you won’t have to be waiting around for long until he’s a decent rotation player.


Luke Shaw – He starts at 75 overall, but because Manchester United went and bought him, it means that you’ll be paying through the nose for this guy. He does have great potential, however, and he’ll be reaching the lofty heights of around 86 overall. He won’t be a bargain when you buy him (for his current rating), but you’ll definitely save yourself a few bob if you buy him sooner rather than later.


Kurt Zouma – My good old buddy Kurt made an appearance in the last list, and he’s only gone and gotten better since! He’ll start at 74, but will quickly progress to 84 in no time. He’s currently on the books at Chelsea, so he won’t be as cheap as he was last year. But he’s an absolute tank, so he’s well worth the money.


Niklas Süle – He’s a young lad that few have heard of, outside of Germany, but he’s definitely one to keep an eye on. He’s currently playing for 1899 Hoffenheim and you can pick him up for a cool £2.5 mill. He is also an absolute unit, so having him and Zouma in your back four will create a force to be reckoned with.


Raphaël Varane – I’d imagine that most of you have probably heard of Madrid’s Varane, but if you haven’t he’s a certainly a player to get on your books sooner rather than later. He starts at 81 overall, but he’ll finish at 88, making him one of the highest rated CBs on the game. You should probably get in early, then.


Callum Chambers – Ok, so he isn’t going to be cheap, cheap, but he is going to be the cheapest of the better young RBs. Decent young RBs are few and far between at the moment, and the great thing about Chambers is that he’ll also double up as a CB. He’s been fantastic for Arsenal so far this year, and he’s definitely one to swoop in on early with a potential of 83. Although, he does start at 71, which is quite low for his price tag.


Mattia De Sciglio  – Another expensive RB, I’m afraid, but he’ll be worth it for sure. He starts at 76 and, at just 21 years young, he should reach his potential of 86 pretty quickly! He’s currently at AC Milan, and I’d imagine he won’t be easily prised away from the club. Still, worth a shot!


Timo Werner – This 18 year old German has lots of potential, and he’s already a bit of a fan favourite at VfB Stuttgart. He’s very fast and has a good finish on him, so he’s well worth picking up, especially as he starts on 70 and ends at 85.


Adnan Januzaj – Another player on the books at United, so he isn’t going to be cheap. He is going to be a class act, however! He starts at 75 but has a potential of 86. I loved him on FIFA 14 and he was a key component of my QPR squad, so when I have a spare few million, I’ll probably pick him up!


James Ward-Prowse – This young Southampton lad was one of the few left at the club after the summer raid by the big clubs. He’s pretty decent as a central midfielder, but I must admit that I’m yet to find his perfect position. Still, you can pick him up for rather cheap (compared to what United, Liverpool and Arsenal were paying for their young players) and he finishes around 85 overall.


Youri Tielemans – Another young Belgian for you, though statistically he’s rated higher than Januzaj (when he reaches his full potential). He starts at 73 and finishes around 88, so he’s set to be one of the better CMs available in the game by the time he reaches his full potential. He is two-footed and he’s all about the passing game.


Ross Barkley – Whilst he isn’t technically a CM, with his preferred position being CAM, he is an incredibly versatile player (much like Oxlade-Chamberlain). I prefer him in the CM position because he makes great, powerful runs. It gives him a bit of space to build up a head of steam, and I often find that he’s one of those players that are impossible to tackle once he gets going. He starts at 78 overall, so much like the Ox he won’t be cheap. But he will be worth the money, with a potential of 86 overall.


Junior Malanda – He’s a bit of an up and comer, but he’s rated at 73, which is a pretty decent starting level for a lower division / low star team. He has a potential of 85 and, as far as decent CDMs go, he has the touch, power and dribbling to be a real show stopper. I love having a commanding CDM in front of my back four because it makes me feel a little more secure when I’m on the attack. He’s definitely commanding, and he’s sure as hell worth the money!


Joel Campbell – This young Costa Rican winger has been on the books at Arsenal now for some time, but he has only just come to the forefront as a rotation player after a few lengthy loan spells away from the club. He starts at around 75 overall, which is probably mostly down to his World Cup performance, with a potential of 85. He might not be the cheapest, but he’s definitely worth the cash.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Ok, so this list is a little Arsenal heavy, but it’s for good reason. Arsenal have some great young (English, for once) talent coming through the ranks and the Ox is definitely the cream of the crop. His strength means that he can be adapted to a central role in midfield, whilst his pace and acceleration make him a great RM or RW player. He’s already rated at 78, so he’ll fit in to any club as either a starting player or a decent rotation option. He has a potential of 83/84, so he’s going to be a pretty big prospect, according to EA.


Aleksandar  Mitrovic – He is my most prolific goal-scorer for my Norwich team, bagging 21 goals in just over half of his debut season. I tend to play him as a lone striker, with three CMs behind him and two CDMs behind them, but he works just as well as a left or right forward. He has a lot of power and his dribbling isn’t too bad, so he’s great on his own or with a striking buddy. He starts at around 74/75, with a potential of 83/84. I purchased him for £4 million in the summer and by January I was getting offers exceeding £12 million (by which time he was rated 76). Even if you don’t need a new striker, he will make a great investment. Give him two seasons and I bet you’ll be getting offers well in excess of £25 million for him – that’s one hell of a return.


Romelu Lukaku – He isn’t going to be anywhere near cheap, much like Courtois, but he will definitely be good. I purchased him on FIFA 14 for around £12 million, but I’d imagine you’ll be looking at something along the lines of £20 million now. Plus his wages will be a lot higher. Still, if he’s anything like he was on FIFA 14, he will be more than worth it. He has a potential of 86, but he’s worth every penny. Plus, he starts at 80 overall, so he should reach his potential relatively quickly and he could just slot in to most squads as an out and out ST.