Top Video Game Trailers

Nailing a game trailer is not the easiest thing to do in the world. It has to be a good mix of entertainment, whilst at the same time, showing the viewer what the game is about within the space of a few minutes, and some cases stirring up emotion within the viewer. Too many try too hard and cram too much in, and some clearly don’t try hard enough, leaving you confused as to what you just witnessed. Some even try and make the game look far better than it ever will be, with some eye watering fancy graphics, only to find it being a tablet game with graphics similar to that found in the 1990’s. And there are those that just make you well up, but try as hard as you can, it’s difficult to maintain composure.

So, what does it take to make a great game trailer? The below eight are what I think make the top of the list.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Nothing beats setting the scene than the powering voice that is Kevin Spacey. Giving a speech about how weak the world is, and why it needs a power (such as Atlas) to be the guns to secure world peace. Also a trailer with enough explosions in to give Michael Bay a good run for his money.

Destiny (Live Action)

I thought this was done perfectly to tell the story of you and two of your close friends embarking on an adventure, going into the unknown and fighting off back to back (with the added banter, as expected). Not to mention showing off as we like to do. Than to neatly finish on a killer of a soundtrack saying “Hmmm, something classic”, and it’s Led Zepplin’s ‘Immigrant Song’!

Borderlands (Original Trailer)

Setting up the scene with a reveal to this cell shaded game world full of beasties and psychopaths, and a starting line of “have I got a story for you” had me interested from the start. This was then followed by explosions, censoring, and a lot of shooting, and some more explosions. What wasn’t there to like? What also really made the trailer for me was the soundtrack, not once had I gone out and actually looked into the musicians behind a game trailer before, until I heard “There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant. It’s still a favourite song to this day! Though Borderlands was advertised on TV a lot, so that might of played a factor.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar have a bit of magic when it comes to their games, and their GTA V trailer just seemed to be mind blowing. It was the gritty American film you’d love to be in for a day. It was a demonstration as to where gaming has got too, showing sights of beautiful landscapes, social life within the games’ NPCs, it gave the impression of no limits. Which in reality, is as close to the truth has you’ll get in the GTA universe.

World of Warcraft – Wraith of the Lich King (Cinematic Trailer)

A Blizzard CGI trailer is one that rarely goes unmatched, and in the scene of WotlK, there is not one bit that goes a miss. It was attention to detail that makes you stare in wonder, the story telling that Blizzard is so great at crafting, and to top the cake, seeing Arthus raise Sindragosa from the very ice.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim’s trailer came in full force with battle scenes of the undead, humans and not to mention the famous dragon slaying scene, all along with some epic music that really got you in the mood for some skull bashing, with a little added Fos Ro Dah!


Dead Island (Backwards Trailer)

When it first came out, there was confusion, as sections came out in reverse order. Until the full trailer was out, and it wasn’t long before it was set in the right way. A clever bit of advertising, but also quite gripping to start a scene with a child flying out a window… or up into it. One of the most moving trailers out there to see the carnage.

Gears of War

Another trailer that can be seen as a tear jerker. For those who follow the gears of war series, it’s full of testosterone and dudes with bicep muscles bigger than most peoples’ thighs. However, with a game that is focused on the reliance a team have on each other to get the task done, the Gears of War Mad World really does hit home. Oh, Dom! *tears down beard*

So what trailers out there had you on the hook, or just out right impressed you?