Top 5 Gaming Moustaches

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s November, and in November it is now commonplace to grow a moustache to raise awareness and money for testicular cancer research. A very noble reason to grow a lip warmer, if ever there was one. Now, we here at IM PLAYIN have been facial hair fans for a good few years, why ThinkBad, Kailios, Romnom and I had moustaches before we could even say our first word! Just like us, the gaming world has seen its fair share of mutton chops, chin straps, goatees and lumberjack beards. But, no facial hair has ever reached the same level of panache, flair and elegance as the moustache. The moustache is a form of facial hair found only on a certain type of man (or woman?). He (or she) is poised, refined, suave and sophisticated (and sometimes kind of evil), for behind that moustache lies secrets … and a lip. So, in the theme of Movember, we have decided to give you our top five video game characters with moustaches!

5) Captain Price


As a beloved character from the Call of Duty series, for most this man will need no introduction. He’s cool, calm, collected and a total badass killing machine. Is this because of his years of training as a hard, robotic military unit? Maybe. Or is it because of his super-manly moustache? Most certainly.

4) Solid Snake


As most gamers will know, Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest games series to ever grace the earth. With it’s wall tapping fun and hiding in cardboard boxes mischief, this game is hard to beat. But not as hard to beat as the moustache of the main protagonist. Over the years Mr Snake has had a number of facial hair styles, but none as reserved as this gloriously refined moustache.

3) Heihachi


This one is slightly more obscure, so you’d be forgiven for not knowing who he is. For those of you who haven’t heard of Tekken, it is a fighting based game made by developing giants Konami. Heihachi is one of the longest standing characters and he has always sported this dashing moustache.

2) Dr. Robotnik


Here’s one for you retro gamers! Dr Robotnik, the evil villain from the Sonic game and tv series, has one of the most glorious moustaches I have ever seen. This is the sort of moustache that even manly-man Tom Selleck would weep over. It’s the sort of moustache that would take more product to keep up than was present during the filming of Hairspray. Dr. Robotnik, I applaud ye.

1) Mario


You guessed it, “It’s a me, Mario!”. Glaringly obvious, right? I always feel a little sorry for Luigi, nobody ever invites him to the party. But then it isn’t called Super Luigi now, is it. Mario could be seen as the face of video game moustaches. Like Bradley Wiggins has done for sideburns (and redeeming the name of competitive cycling), Mario did for moustaches (and platform games).

So there you have it, our top 5 video game moustaches. If you have any other suggestions (or just want to declare your love for moustaches)  why not comment below, on our Facebook page or Twitter account?