Top 5 Easter Eggs for Easter

Hi guys, Romnomnom and ThinkBad Monkey here, with a special Easter treat. For Easter, we’re going to recall our top 5 Easter Eggs in gaming.

So get ready for the countdown!

NUMBER 5 –LA Noire – We start the list with LA Noire,  Rockstar’s crime-solving thriller, where they allude back to John Marston, the main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Undead. In the Silk Stocking Case, you find the notorious hat of John Marston. Great to see Rockstar linking their games across continents and time.


NUMBER 4 – Fable 2 – Finding Halo weapons in Fable, was totally unexpected yet extremely welcoming coming from an otherwise short and slightly disappointing DLC. The chiefs armour, gun and plasma sword are not only great to look at but are effective weapons by Fable’s standards, meaning you will get lots of opportunity to use, and enjoy them.


NUMBER 3 – Halo Series – As massive fans of Red vs Blue and the Halo Series, the two combining was a dream come true in Halo 3. With different characters providing voices for a couple of lazy soldiers we were more than happy to sit and listen to the hilarious dialog while the covenant were busy ripping Earth a new one. In Halo: Reach, however, we waited the whole game to catch a glimpse of the chief, but alas, he never emerged. That is until the very end scene. As the “Pillar of Autumn” flies away, you can turn the camera to reveal the iconic hero taking a nap in his cryo chamber from the original Combat Evolved. Not the most dramatic cameo, but it made us all smile and talk nonetheless.


NUMBER 2 – Left For Dead – All four of us at IM PLAYIN absolutely jizz over the Left for Dead games. Left for Dead was rife with easter eggs. The writing on the walls links the achievements to the story so well; 53,595 dead zombies seemed to many as just a number pulled out of thin air, until you realise that a previous survivor in the safehouse bragged about 53,594 zombie corpses at their hands. In fact, we love the walls in general, you see so many great easter eggs, great lines, great conversations. The game has small easter eggs all over the place. One of our favourites is in the achievements  – Spinal Tap and Burn the Witch allude to two rock bands – Spinal Tap the parody set up by Rob Reiner, and Burn the Witch, a song by Queens of the Stone Age. Perhaps the greatest however, is Man vs Tank. Developers released details telling gamers how this was in relation to the events of Tianamen Square; a great political reference.


NUMBER 1 – Borderlands 2 – On this occasion, we feel obligated to give the whole game massive credit. It is chocked full of so many easter eggs, you can’t even keep track. From guns, characters, quests, everything, the game pays homage to, and openly mocks, everything it can. Roland’s facebook page pops up on various screens throughout the game – We hear that his statuses attract a mass audience. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ egg is so much fun. Carrying the ring to the top of the volcano, before Geary, a distant relative of Gollum, steals the ring and jumps into the lava. E-z loot, e-z fun. Another favourite with us, is the Minecraft reference. Hacking your way through a tunnel of blocks, before coming to a half-dozen or so Creepers, giving gold and coal blocks, you can easily spend a good amount of time on this easter egg before returning to the main game.


To end – WE must…MUST mention Left 4 Dead 2. A salute to a fallen comrade; An easy to find Easter Egg, and not very fun, we find a mutilated Bill having sacrificed himself for the team on the floor. Our addiction to Left 4 Dead, has made this one of the saddest finds in gaming history for us; to this day, we still see Kailios crying in his Left 4 Dead pyjamas over this.  Note: We did want a picture of Kailios in his pyjamas, but found that it would count as GBH – an attack on the eyes.


Thanks for Reading, Happy Easter!

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