Top 5 Best And Worse Things About Evolve

Evolve falls under the genre of ‘Marmite’ – you either really like it, or you really don’t. What I may enjoy in Evolve, some one may utterly hate. So to help in decision making, I’ve outlined the below top and worse 5 things you’ll experience in the game.

Top 5 Best Things

1) There is a great sense of reward beating down 4 annoying humans with gigantic fists, or dismembering them as the monster. You can almost hear their shouts of obscenities as you take them down one by one.

2) The role reversal is being the hunters, and working as a team to take down what is several times (and then some) your size. It’s the sigh of relief when you see the monster on it’s final bar of HP, to chip away and see it fall with a mighty thud. Then you can sink back in your seat and allow your heart beat to return to normal.


3) It’s different playing as a boss character in an online game. Recently, since I’ve owned the next gen, there hasn’t been anything quite like Evolve that I’ve managed to get my gamer hands on. Yes I can play a shoot em up like CoD or Far Cry, I can even go on a galliant quest to save the world in Dragon Age. But I haven’t been able to run around with a hunters cap on, on a mission that could only be pure madness to take down something that clearly has a mind bent on destruction. I don’t need a clever story, I just want to enjoy the gameplay and have fun.

4) The diversity of the hunters means I can dip in and out of a variety of roles, and it doesn’t require commitment to a single class. There are enough characters, with 12 in total, so you don’t get bored quickly either.

5) How tense a game can get when you’re on the edge of winning (both sides) only for a cheeky escape on the opposition’s side, meaning a brand new pursuit or escape will commence.

Top 5 Worst Things

1) Being eaten alive by a damn ‘vegetable plant venus fly’ trap thing. A great addition to add to the world that is Evolve, but my golly is it annoying to be caught unawares and suddenly end up being lunch. Especially when you’re hot on the heels of the monster to see it leap/ fly/ glide away into the horizon.

2) Wall Climbing when out of boost happens to be quite the annoying one when in the element of the hunt. You have to be looking up, and re-hitting the jump button which for some reason doesn’t always happen smoothly in the heat of the moment – which usually ends up with said hunter embarrassingly sliding their way back down the wall.

3) Playing in a team where the medic doesn’t actually want to be the medic. So instead of healing you like you would of thought, as it so clearly states in the job title, they instead seem to do anything and everything but.


4) Playing with a team who seem to want to go their own individual way, because “f**k it, why not”, I can only presume. This usually ends up with them in the mouth of the previously mentioned man eating plant.

5) Chasing a never ending trail as a hunter, only for the monster to reach ‘Stage 3’ without a single sighting, can be quite boring. Especially when they make a first sighting at full armor and health. It basically means game over without having a say.