To Vita or not to Vita

I have never been too bothered about the PS Vita, having had a lot of time to play around with the PSP I was never too impressed, not by the console itself but by the support that Sony seemed to put behind it. There did not seem to be any amazing games coming out and it always played second fiddle to their home console, the PS3.

So has anything changed? Well, with the announcement of the PS4 I can see some faint signs of a hope emerging on the horizon.

While the games that have come to the Vita so far have been good, I have felt that Sony have just been doing the same injustice to the Vita what they had to the PSP. That is, using it to dish out shorter games of what you can just get on the original. Unlike the Nintendo DS, there does not seem to be a focus on generating amazing Vita only content. BUT with the announcement of the PS4, and with HD remakes of some of my favourite games making an appearance, the future could be promising. 

While PS Vita only games may be lacking, the Vita does make up for it with its connection to the Playstation store. With access to many of the amazing games from the PS1 and PS2 I could easily see myself just indulging in past glories. While buying a handheld console for old games is not entirely justified, as an Xbox gamer the Vita would allow people to play the games they loved, and that can’t be accessed on my Xbox. 

So is it worth it? Well I think the answer is sadly still no. As much as I would like to play Final Fantasy 10 on the train I have already experienced that story to death. The PS Vita will continue to spike my interest but until Sony make a conscious effort to create truly great original IP’s you won’t see me owning a Vita anytime soon.

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