To Evolve, or not to Evolve

When I made the change from 360 to Playstation, there was one title I thought I really would hate not to see again, and that was Left 4 Dead. I had spent hours, if not consecutive days, on the game. With a great deal of that time being played as a part of the now IM PLAYIN crew. Yes, I know if they had brought out another one it would be available on PC or possibly the previous gen, however, not having a good enough spec rig, I didn’t want to even go down that route. And now being a next gen sucker, I would find it difficult to warrant buying it for my previous console. So I made the change accepting that. Now I couldn’t be happier with the recent news of Evolve, and boy does it look sweet, both in game play and in the graphics department.

What is Evolve, you ask? Well, you either must be living in a cave, or be someone who doesn’t like games that are set up to be awesome. In which case, I’ll be the gent and explain.

Evolve is going to be a team focused survival type game, but with a spanner in the works. When I say this, I mean normally in a game of this genre, it’s the creature that is out to get the puny humans by tracking and going after them, eating them, the standard monster thing really. Not so in Evolve, it starts off by turning this theory on its head, where a group of 4 hunters are off on a jolly good game to find and take down the monster … in a blood splattering safari type way. Whilst they are on the hunt, the monster has to run away and find time to ‘evolve’ through up to 3 stages by eating creatures found within the game world before it can even stand a chance in a fight. It is set out to be a 4 vs 1 shoot em up, which will pit 4 players, (or NPC’s to fill the gaps) acting as the hunters against the 1 monster. Each hunter has a specific role to do depending on the class, while at the same time, there will be a variety of monsters to choose from, each with their own characteristics. The game will rely heavily on team work for the hunters, something I can see a group of my friends sitting down and having the best laughs about, or hating each other! While the monster is your lone wolf type player who doesn’t need a team, but likes to go solo. Although, if youcan’t make a full team of mates on the hunters side, I can’t see NPC’s going down too well if they behave anything like the frustrating knit-wits we have seen in the past.

The game seems to play out like a constant boss battle, but instead of fighting a creature which might be deemed as predictable, it’s played by another person, who will be jumping about and trying every trick in the book. This will, and can, include scaring birds on purpose to reveal their location, only to set a trap with a wondering neutral creature that turns aggressive when approached. This sets the game up to be a cocktail of mayhem.


There will be 4 hunters to choose from, each with their own skills, strengths and weaknesses. First up there is Griffin, who will act very much like a crowd control guy, ensuring that the monster is pinned for precious seconds as your team pelt it with bullets. Next up is Hank, who plays a key support role within the team, being able to go invisible to get away from harm, whilst also having a gun that protects his team mates from harm. His orbital barrage will be essential when teaming up with Grffin’s trapper abilities.

Markov is your big burst DPS guy, who pours out the damage whilst also providing a supportive shield, a must need for those high damage output fights. Val is going to be your savior in your time of need, bringing a weapon that heals when it shoots you (sound familiar??), and another that can even revive you too, every group needs a healer.  Now that’s invaluable!

From the looks of the first monster showcased, the Goliath, it would appear it’s going to be a right handful if not approached correctly in the later stages of the game. I mean, who is going to think a rock throwing, bull charging, leaping, fire breathing ape is going to make you a nice cup of tea and a Sunday roast when you meet. Well, not the Goliath that’s for sure.

If there is one point that I feel is going to be a nuisance, it will be to get the balancing just right. Ensuring that neither one or the other feels overpowered is going to be a bit tough, and may also take some time perfecting. But hey, if there is anything I have learnt from my WoW days, you’re not going to please everyone (Fucking Loladins).

So far, it looks amazing. The first impressions already give it a spot light away from the other titles due to its originality and uniqueness. As I mentioned earlier, L4D has played a massive gaming part for me, and to see Turtle Rock come out with a stunner of a game like Evolve is a breath of fresh forest air, I simply cannot wait. I haven’t since been able to replace the fun and find myself on the edge of my seat since L4D when playing with 3 other comrades, and I feel like this is definitely going to fill that gap.

You’ll be able to find more info on Turtle Rock’s website.