Titanfall Preview

It has to be admitted that Next Gen Gaming looks freaking incredible. The way gaming has developed over the years has been massive step after massive step – developers constantly pushing boundaries to truly involve the gamer, to create a world that makes you want to live and breathe in it. Moreover, few games have got my interest as much as the one I’m about to go over now. I mean, out of all the games to be released with the next gen consoles, there are a few that really catch my eye. Destiny looks incredible, the universe being a true depiction of what Bungie is capable of. Ryse has the aesthetics of something that truly looks breath taking (typical from Crytek) and Killzone 4 is a powerful statement of what the PS4 is capable of. However, the title that has me captivated is one that brings out the inner child in me. I’ll admit, when I was a young Kailios I loved the anime Gundam Wing, the chance to be in a massive armoured suite that was a powerhouse of destruction, yet still agile enough that it could leap and bound across distances with ease, was but a mere dream. So as well as making me think back to those days, it’s no wonder why Titanfall won “IGN’s Best Game of E3 2013 Award”, because it looks damn well fantastic.


Watching the current trailers bring back some nostalgic memories of being able to properly relive that experience of Gundam Wing in high definition and next gen gaming. It’s the action packed fast paced atmosphere that hauls you in, and what looks to be an immersive battle zone. From the second you see yourself grabbed by a Titan’s hand and thrust into that seat of power as the doors close in around you, it must make you feel like one heck of a badass. The fact that the Titan’s have the ability to gracefully jump around the map while holding down the trigger of a machine gun, that’s about as big as a car, is terrifyingly encapsulating. Fighting other mechs in a battlefield that seems so overwhelming with action that it could force the player to think quick or suffer for it. It doesn’t end there either, should you choose to exit your Titan, it than goes onto defensive mode, acting as a turret and awaiting your return to jump straight back in. This leads to all sorts of possibilities for both offensive and defensive strategies.

Although that is not entirely what the game is about, as although the Titan’s do look amazing, it’s the fact that it doesn’t just end there, that sells it for me. While in the shoes of a pilot (the stage before you get your mittens on a Titan) you still feel incredibly empowered, the exhalation of being versatile to access all 3 tiers of the map to outfox your opponent, while utilising the environment to its maximum potential is a wow factor for me. The fact that you know that a Titan could be anywhere is pretty terrifying, but you have the knowledge that you can parkour to safety, should you need, always in the back of your mind. What Respawn have been clever with here, is that even though you may be tiny, you still feel like you have every ability to take one down as a foot soldier through force or through clever stealth. It’s man vs machine and wit vs brutal force.


What some may see as a downside is that Titanfall isn’t featuring a single player campaign, however that isn’t a big deal for me. If I want story there are plenty of other titles I can think of playing. If you have a game like this, whether it’s being in control of a huge mech or on foot nimbly running about a battlefield, I’d prefer to be straight into the online battlefield as opposed to a storyline that will be completed in a few hours. At the end of the day, longevity often lies in the online multiplayer of a game and that’s what I would be playing months down the line.

All in all, even though I feel a little let down by the Xbox One of late, this title surely is pulling a lot of weight. All I know is that I really like what I see so far, and cannot wait to see more.