Tiny Troopers – A Tiny Piece Of Magic

I’ve not written many ‘On The Go’ articles, but that’s mainly because I rarely play games on my phone or tablet… and I don’t have a handheld console anymore. That was until I got my new Windows phone. Since then I’ve picked up quite a few games, from Temple Run 2 to The Sims Free Play. But, the pick of the lot has to be Tiny Troopers. It’s a simple game,. but it’s insanely addictive. It kind of reminds me of a more 3D Worms… which is a good thing.

In the game, you control a squad of tiny troopers as they undertake a variety of tasks over the cause of three chapters, each with ten missions. As you play with the same characters, they will level up and rise in rank. But, should that member of the squad die, that’s it – they’re dead. They’ll then be replaced by a low ranking Private who, as you play with them, will rank up too. Basically, you want to keep your troops alive for as long as possible, so that they will be at the peak of their abilities. Obviously, this isn’t as easy as it sounds – and I’ve lost a few good troopers along the way.

That’s probably my favourite thing about the game, the fact that you can lose your high ranking troopers at any point… and once you do, there’s no going back. It’s actually quite upsetting when you lose one, I found myself getting kind of attached to the little tykes. Especially so, after you’ve spent a good few hours levelling them up and getting them to a high rank. It’s so easy to get them killed, especially with things like mines and tanks taking away a substantial amount of health, or even one-shotting the little guys.


Missions wise, they mostly consist of ‘kill all enemy troops’ or ‘destroy all enemy vehicles’, as well as ‘destroy all enemy buildings’ (you get the picture). Before each mission you can use ‘command points’ to purchase upgrades, such as heavy body armour, longer range on your weapons or a faster rate of fire. You earn the command points during missions, or you can purchase them if you’re so inclined. I’ve found that I don’t need to purchase them, so I get by just fine by using the points earned in missions. You can also collect medals during missions which can then be traded in for larger upgrades, most of which contain XP for your troops. These can be purchased too, through micro-transactions, but again I’ve not found that I need them. I’d imagine that, as you get further into the game (especially on the higher difficulties), purchasing points or medals might be necessary, though. To be honest, I don’t think I’d be too against it – it’s a really good game and, seeing as it’s free, I’d happily spend a couple quid here and there to get a little more out of the game.

Something that has been tagged on to the side is the ‘zombie mode’, which is basically a wave survival game in one small map. It’ s actually quite fun, but nothing that will take hours of your life. It’s also quite tough, I must admit. So it’s at least worth a go if you’re done with playing the campaign.

I love Tiny Troopers, it’s a simple little game that’s thoroughly enjoyable for a few minutes, or a few hours. It’s free on most platforms, and you can even buy it on Mac or PC, so I’d really recommend it (on the mobile / tablet, at least).