Themes And Other Things That 2.0 Will Do

I tell you what, I was very surprised when I first turned on my PS4 to find that I couldn’t even change the colour of the home screen from its natural blue look. And when I took to the internet I found I wasn’t the only one. Almost a year later Sony are planning their 2.0 update that will include dynamic themes for your homepage.

Shown at a press conference in Japan, we could see Sony demoing the new look with a cartoon style theme that moved around in the background making the whole thing look a lot cooler. They even changed the sound of scrolling through the menu (lets hope that doesn’t get annoying).

But it’s not only Themes that will be turning up in the 2.0 update. It is also rumoured that the long-awaited YouTube integration will be along for the ride, and not too soon either.

And for you Vita owners, we will also be getting an update soon that will allow Themes for the home screen. So don’t say Sony don’t spoil us.

There is no confirmed date for the 2.0 update yet but look for it in Fall 2014.