The untold stories of Dead Rising 3

I loved Dead Rising 3, I thought that it was a fantastic game and it’s by far my favourite game on the Xbox One. I completed it relatively quickly, but spent a lot of time doing the side-quests and really exploring the vast and rich world that Capcom had created. Thankfully, Capcom recently released some DLC for their brilliant game in the form of ‘Untold Stories’. These stories focus on four new characters and they take place before the events of the main story faced by Nick Ramos. I’ll start by saying that, if you were hoping this DLC would give you a new way to play Dead Rising 3, or more content to play online with your friends, you’ll be bitterly disappointed. If, like me, you’re a bit of a completionist, then you’ll love this add-on as much as you enjoyed the main game.

The first Untold Story follows hard-man Spec Ops, Adam Kane. Titled, ‘Operation Broken Eagle’, it fills in some of the story as well as some smaller points that you may have noticed whilst roaming around Los Perdidos. For instance, it explains how that destroyed helicopter ended up in the city centre. The basics of the add-on is that Kane has been flung into zombie infested Los Perdidos and separated from his squad. The squad were tasked with finding and collecting the President amongst the carnage but now Kane must also retrieve  or recover his lost squad-mates. Some of these men will be alive and will join you on your travels, others will be dead and you must collect their dog-tags. Some might be the living dead, in which case you’ll have to re-deadify them.

If you were hoping for something new, you’ll be a little disappointed. It’s still Dead Rising 3, after all. Sure, there are new weapons, protagonists, characters, mods and vehicles. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that they feel new. You still use them in very familiar ways, even Kane walks and fights almost alike to Ramos (though there are a few new finishing moves and combos that make combat feel a little more fresh). The main story for the DLC is enjoyable but quite short, you get the feeling that Capcom want you to really explore the world once again, completing the side missions along the way. But, I must admit that I was disappointed by the lack of any new ‘Psycho’ bosses which were a real highlight of the main game.

In all, it’s very much Dead Rising 3. But, then, very few people disliked the game – so it’s definitely not a bad thing. Would I have liked something a little different? Perhaps. But Operation Broken Eagle is a decent start to the DLC series and it will give you a good couple of hours of joy. Here’s hoping that the next untold stories can build on these solid foundations.