The Top 5 games I want right now on my Xbox One

I’m one of those people who goes through the list of announced games and salivates over the ones that peak my interest.. I have an overly long list of games from March to November of titles that I need in my life right now. Literally, this minute please. Most of these I have on pre-order for the bonuses, and I doubt I’m the only one. Anyways, on to the games!

5 – Arkham Knight

batman arkham knight

I’ll start off with a game I’m both extremely excited for, yet also tightening my sphincter about. Whilst I think the released details of this game look simply fantastic, I was extremely disappointed with Origins. It was another one of those moments where a game was quickly developed and published just for some money … which hurt and puts me ill at ease seeing as this is yet again only 18 months after the previous release. The first two, Asylum and City respectively, were absolutely brilliant, with Asylum catching me off guard by being one of my top games I played in 2010. Arkham Knight will also be relying on new enemies/ old nemeses other than The Joker, which will be interesting for the game. Arkham Knight will once more see us putting on the cape along with Batman’s many gadgets to scale Gotham and return to the award-winning combat that so many fell in love with. Look out for this game when its released in October.

4 – Sniper Elite III

sniper elite 3

Moving forward for this franchise will be tough and many people will be wondering what’s in store for the sequel of the game where you could shoot Hitler in the testicles. The x-ray slow-mo kill cam won a lot of pundits in Sniper Elite V2 and I remember it being the reason I was hooked on the original back in 2006 (released 2005, bought pre-owned for a miniscule amount), when you could also play local co-op campaign. Early videos have already confirmed testicle explosions will be in this title, as well as the addition of muscles and circulatory system to the x-rays, with more realistic blood splatter. I, for one, can’t wait to be saving my amazing kills to my OneDrive. This game comes out in June on both new and old generations, but with a ‘pinky promise’ to being 1080p on both Xbox One and Playstation 4, I can’t wait to crawl my way through the environment.

3 – Murdered: Soul Suspect


The first game in my list that’s not a sequel, Murdered: Soul Suspect looks at the moment like it could be my favourite game of the year, or my worst. I love the ‘LA Noire-meets ghosts’ take this has (not CoD Ghosts, normal ghosts), while fighting off demons that want your soul. I could see this game trying to accomplish too much, with the demon aspect, the clue finding part and influencing policemen or the people being interviewed, as well as interacting with the girl who witnessed your death and also happens to be able to speak to ghosts. After watching gameplay, the spectral fighting part looks terrifying but at the same time … a bit meh. Commentary mentioned avoiding these ghosts that want your soul, so I need more information/ gameplay before I can truly comment, however, the movement/dash aspect looked slick and cool, such as going through doors and swiftly traversing rooms. This is another June release, so more information and gameplay should be released very soon.

2 – Watch_Dogs


This game started the year as the game that made me wet my pants the most in anticipation, excitement, eagerness. It was the most exciting prospect for the year. The game that is literally everywhere at the moment and sure to take the world by storm, Watch_Dogs has racked up a ridiculous 173 awards since being first announced late in 2012. Ubisoft have stated that there will be between 45 and 50 hours of gameplay in the story, which, if fulfilled, will definitely give players bang for their buck. The gameplay looks amazing and I cannot wait to be traveling around Chicago hacking hotpoints. It seems that flicking between silently taking sections and full-on force will be fun and key to making those hours seem fun; something it looks like they’ve got nailed down. The side quests are sure to provide hours of fun too, and I’m sure we can expect that same level of detail that Ubisoft have given us in Farcry and Assassin’s Creed. As well as this, Ubisoft have already announced a film to be based on the game and are no doubt ramping up making this game the newest franchise in their catalogue. With under 4 weeks till this is released, there’s not long to wait until I can play this at last.

1 – Shadow of Mordor


The top game on my list is Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. This October release has me spellbound; the first trailer gave me the same giddy feeling from when I first fell in love with Assassins Creed and Left For Dead. Reminiscent of the AC series, Shadow of Mordor has all the right things for me. Assassinations, mind control, infiltration, big battles, are just some of the features that I love the look of in this game, plus it’s set in Middle Earth … what more could you want! The story is similar to Gladiator for its revenge parts too – win, win.

The nemesis system is fantastic and the level of uniqueness is just crazy detailed. The two worlds looked fantastic in the pre-alpha code gameplay trailer that was released, with Talion seemlessly gliding through both worlds to kill and upgrade his position. As well as this, I love the way Talion looks as a Wraith, truly doing justice to the books and the look of the Ghost army in the third film, but my real desire to play this game is the ability to see the enemy army hierarchy and infiltrate and fight through them. Similar to Assassin’s Creed in the way this kind-of looks like Eagle Vision, I love the ability to see the other lieutenant’s chance of survival if you take on an assassination mission, plus there’s a hint of leveling, seen through the ‘Big Dog’ being level 13. The leveling system hasn’t been talked about for too long by Monolith Productions as of yet, but they have mentioned there will be skill trees for both the Wraith and Ranger abilities. There’s so much left to be revealed about this game, but I’m already frothing at the mouth about it. October better hurry up …

Honorable Mention — Wolfenstein: The New Order


This gets a very honorable mention on this list – it’s only been left off due to it being less than 3 weeks away and I wrote this list when Watch_Dogs was set to being released in June. Wolfenstein sees the return of one of the most important first person shooter series ever to be released, which in my mind justifies it being on this list alone. When you add in the fact that I played this game at Eurogamer, I’ve already seen part of it and it looked fantastic back then, as well as being a challenging demo. Twin shooting is never going to win you any accuracy awards, but it sure was, and will be, fun. Plus, since CoD: Modern Warfare, there’s been a distinct lack of games where you can kill Nazis (Sniper Elite aside), which always wins points in my book.