The Steam Holiday Sale – Three Great Games for Great Prices

The holiday season is a great time to be a PC gamer. To be more precise, it’s a great time to have a Steam account. The yearly Steam Holiday Sale is in session my friends, and I have thrived. With my new laptop and a lot of free time from my academics, I’ve been prowling Steam and buying all the games that catch my eye. As more and more games go on sale over the next week and a half, I thought I would share some of the gems that I’ve really enjoyed while I kick back waiting for snowfall.  All the games I mention will be part of the Steam Holiday Sale meaning that their prices will go back up January 2nd.

To the Moon

To the Moon is the latest contender in being one of my favorite games of all time. Be warned that this is in no way an RPG, nor does it have action. To the Moon is a story driven game  that relies on exploration and light puzzle-solving to keep the gamer intrigued, though the tale that To the Moon weaves is more than enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen until the credits role. Add the amazing soundtrack (that’s also on sale) and the great price of $3.49 USD and this is the greatest deal for a game that I’ve personally experienced in a long time.

Super Hexagon

I seriously cannot stop playing Super Hexagon. It takes a simple concept and makes it incredibly difficult and addicting at the same time, and I love it. All you have to do is use the left and right arrows (or the bumpers if you have a 360 controller) to move your tiny triangle around a hexagon to avoid lines that come down the different sides of said hexagon. It sounds simple, but the breakneck speed, flashy visuals and hypnotic soundtrack combine to create an experience that not only has me dying about every 15 seconds, but also pressing the retry button before the game can finish saying game over.

Hero of the Kingdom

This one is just a fun point and click objective based game. You simply collect resources and barter with NPCs to get the items you need to progress through the story. Because of its incredibly linear nature and its mediocre plot, I can’t say that Hero of the Kingdom is an amazing game but I certainly do enjoy sitting back and clicking around collecting gold and experience for a while. This is definitely a solid choice if you just want something casual to play while you have some time to kill.

So there are three games that I’ve found on Steam for great prices. I’m still finding more and more games every day as I sift through the seemingly endless list of games that Steam has to offer, so I’ll be back with some more when I have more to talk about. If you’ve found any games that you feel everyone should be playing then please leave a comment down below and let us know!