The Simpsons: Tapped Out

There are only a few games I play on my iPhone as much as the interactive social game, “The Simpsons Tapped Out!”.

The game, originally only on iOS products, has now been added to Android products, and it is well worth a purchase/download. The game relies on the player to build the town of Springfield in whatever way they so please, meaning that very rarely will two different players towns look the same (unless you steal a friends idea!). What I love about the Simpsons game is that I can set off on a days work and schedule them to do their tasks for 8 hours, then come back to the game for the journey home. This real time platform lets you interact with many of Springfield’s favourite characters, and the more you level up and expand, the more characters are introduced. The latest characters I have unlocked are Ralph Wiggum and Smithers, both of which have numerous hilarious catchphrases to say when you click on them to set their tasks, such as Ralph stating “When I grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar”!

The tasks are character specific most of the time, although many characters share the 60 minute task of shopping at the quick-e-mart, or the 12 hour task of attending church. What I also love, is that with the release of Holiday-themed updates, at the time of writing the setting was a Valentine’s day update, succeeding the Christmas theme, you build many holiday specific buildings, which are unavailable if you do not play for that time, and as such, you are able to show off how long you’ve been playing etc, with the lack of levels being unable to clarify this in my personal opinion. The holiday themes also give some characters different versions of themselves; for example, Halloween gave us a “Devil Flanders”, and by unlocking the Mayan calendar, you were awarded a Native/Mayan Homer, able to binge on maize and worship Mayan gods etc.

A major part of the game is the social aspect of it. Using origin (EA’s version of Steam), you are able to connect to your friends towns and visit them and check over their town. With the Valentine’s update, this became more important as you can gain more valentine’s hearts, needed to purchase the Valentine’s specific buildings, and the more friends, the quicker this task becomes.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 16.13.53

At the moment, the Origin section is unavailable to Android products, but hopefully the producers will soon correct this and link the Android and iOS origin systems together.

As mentioned earlier, my major fault with the game, is the lack of levels, or perhaps how easy it is to level up. At the moment, the iOS updates have limited the player to get to Level 26. It is really only the last few levels that take any time to reach as the first 20 race by. My only other real fault with the game is the cost of the donuts if you did want to purchase them. Donuts are used to speed up tasks at the cost of  2 donuts for every 4 hours it shortens, or to purchase rare buildings such as the Volcano Lair of Hank Scorpio. For example, the Duff Brewery costs 190 donuts to buy, the School bus costs 120, and Krusty studios costs 140 – 132 donuts costs £6.99 to buy, or 300 donuts comes in at £13.99, which one cannot simply merit paying to get such things. I was lucky enough to win the Volcano lair through a mystery box, which was just luck of the draw; ThinkBad Monkey told me that he got 6 regular fences through a mystery box – quite a big difference!

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By Romnomnom