The Month That PS4 Forgot

If you have read the title, you may already know the pain, but there have indeed been troubling times over the last 3 weeks as I have been ferociously pulled away from my PS4. This fresh hell may have been self-inflicted, but as I left my jewel to fly halfway around the world, I wondered the things that I have missed or, by comparison, what I’ve found that I can do without.

1. It’s all there

Now Xbox made the bigger splash right out of the gate, as they are an all in one entertainment system and that very pitch may have been their biggest downfall leading into this console generation. Not focusing on the games, as Sony did, proved that gamers still like to game on their consoles – who would have guessed it? But despite that, the PS4 has still become an all in one platform in the shadows and the ease of flicking between games, Netflix, Twitch, or anything else in that fact, is a big bummer. Instead I have to carry at least three devices to achieve the same result. When you are tucked up in bed, the last thing you want to do is get out of that warm cocoon and get the Vita. To add insult to injury, Spotify has also just been released on PS4, allowing the easy play of music behind any game. Guess I will have to wait for that one!

2. The controller

Once upon a time, I proclaimed that the Xbox 360 controller was the best controller for any console, and I could not possibly fathom how anything could beat it. However, I soon realised the folly of clinging to outdated tech, and I would now choose a Dualshock 4 over the 360 controller – any day of the week. The odd thing is that I don’t even think the Dualshock 4 is the new ‘perfect controller’, like I did the 360’s (it really needs a name), but with its great shoulder triggers and light weight feel, it’s just nice to pick up and game with. It’s in sharp contrast, then, when all you have on offer is a Vita & mobile device. I love my Vita, but I don’t think that there are many people around who would choose to play for hours with it over any console controller, and don’t even get me started on stick controls for mobile. I still to this day don’t have any clue how people manage to play Minecraft on their phone or tablet.

3. The big screen

I worked hard to get a good set up going back in my crib – nice big TV, good headphones, I gamed like a God in Olympus! While away from the PS4 I have been cursed with large hotel room TV’s, and no way to make proper use of them. Sure I can get the laptop hooked up to watch some Idiot Abroad, but it’s not the same damn you! The Vita & headphones do an admirable job at providing an immersive experience, and there are some games, such as Velocity 2X or Hotline Miami that I would not want to play on anything else, but being away form that big console experience dose make you miss it.

4. The community

That’s right, you guys! Sure I can write an article or two, but I was really getting into my Twitch streaming straight from the PlayStation. I was getting some really engaging people watching and interacting with the streams. Be assured that when I get back I’ll be streaming the hell out of Boarderlands, but until then I will just have to talk to myself while I use the Vita on the loo… creepy.

  • Aru

    Are you guys not serious about the spelling mistakes in the article?

  • Aru

    Are you guys not serious about the spelling mistakes in the article?