The GTA V Heists Are Some Of The Best Multiplayer Experiences Available On Console

After spending a good amount of time playing the GTA V heists, I’ve come to the decision that there are few multiplayer experiences out there that can rival them. It’s a bold statement, true, and there are certainly some fantastic multiplayer experiences currently available on the consoles – but few offer a similar experience to the heists. Need convincing? Here’s my reasoning!

The sense of camaraderie

The thing that makes the GTA V heists experience stand out from the rest, is the sense of camaraderie that they create. In most of the set-up missions, and the heist itself, each player has their own job. It encourages you to work together, to think of yourselves as a team and to complete the missions as a unit. This is fostered through the fact that each heist (after the introductory heist) requires exactly four players. In most cases, these same four players will work through all of the set-up missions and the heist itself. The team will complete the missions and, by the end of it, earn a pretty penny too. It builds a real sense of togetherness that is hard to find in most online games.

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The diversity of play

So far, I’ve played three heists and, so far, each mission has been beyond my expectations. They’ve all been incredibly fun to play, and the best thing about it is that there are a number of ways to play them. Some heist set-up missions, and each heist, have a few different sub-missions or parts to them. Different players will have different jobs, and each job really changes how you play the heist. In the Prison Escape heist, I played as the fake prisoner, on his way to prison, and my friend played as the fake prison guard. We infiltrated the prison, after securing a prison bus in a previous set-up mission, and headed in to help break out the target. We had to fight our way through the guards and get the target out in one piece. Meanwhile, the other two players were securing our getaway. One player was piloting our getaway plane, which we had stolen in a previous set-up mission, and the other player was piloting a Buzzard which was to be used to protect the getaway plane, and pick us up at the end of the mission. As I said before, each player had their own job, and all four of us completed our jobs to perfection. So the missions are not only fun, but they’re also multi-dimensional, which means that you’re able to enjoy the fun in a variety of different ways.

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The ‘do you remember when’ moments

A great game, and a brilliant multiplayer experience, is always packed full of those ‘do you remember when’ moments. I’m talking about the moments in a game where something extraordinary occurs. The sorts of moments when a player is able to take down an entire group of enemies, single-handed. Or when someone is able to fly a plane between two helicopters to evade a devastating crash. But they’re also the sorts of moments where players manage to accidentally crash a car, killing all of the occupants, moments before the end of the mission. Or when a player falls off of a ledge and loses a team-life before the heist has even started. They can be funny, gross, impressive, or even shocking, but the heists and the set-up missions are rife with these sorts of moments. Each heist is entirely memorable, whether it be down to an impromptu epic moment or mistake made by the players involved, or if it’s just the way that Rockstar have written the heists themselves.

The scale

There are very few multiplayer experiences on a similar scale to the GTA V heists. The heists are best compared to game modes like Destiny’s Raids, or Strikes, but they’re entirely unique in their own way. There’s just nothing like it out there at the moment, just like there’s very little out there on a similar level as GTA V Online itself. Each heist, with its own respective set-up missions, has probably around two or three hours worth of content. So there’s probably at least twenty hours of new content in just one play-through of the new heists. That’s without re-playing the heists to try out the different roles within them!

Have you been playing the GTA V heists? If so, what do you think so far? Do you agree that there’s very little out there like them, or have you been underwhelmed by the overall experience? Let me know in the comments below!