The GGEZ Live Show – Scorpio, Graphics and Rezzed

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What’s a teraflop?

This week, we discussed the recent Scorpio announcements. Will it be a console worth getting? Will the games still work on the Xbox One? What’s a Teraflop, anyway? In summary, it’s a maybe, a yes and a “we’re still not quite sure, but it sounds impressive”.

The conversation then moved naturally towards game graphics, and the importance thereof. Does a game need to look pretty to be good? Do we want realism, or is stylized more impressive? And what’s wrong with Mass Effect’s facial animations?

GGEZ On EGX Rezzed

At the end of March / start of April, we were at EGX Rezzed. We played some incredible indie games, and met some fantastic people. In the final section of the GGEZ Live Show, we discussed our favorite games from Rezzed. We recalled some of our favorite memories from the show. And we also discussed the Nintendo Switch for some reason.

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