The GG EZ Live Show roundup – The Nintendo Switch

On Thursday 19th of January, at 8.30pm, Alex and I launched IM PLAYIN’s new Facebook Live Show, the “GG EZ Live Show”.  It’s a simple live chat show format, in which Alex and I discuss a topic or two related to gaming… mostly. For our first episode, we discussed the Nintendo Switch. It’s a topic we’ve covered once or twice, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to summarise what we discussed.

The launch titles

The Switch will be launching with around six titles. That’s not a huge number, but they’ll be releasing a steady stream of games throughout 2017. Plus, assuming most games will be hitting the average RRP of £50, you won’t be able to afford many games anyway! Your choices include:


The Nintendo Switch might not have the best launch titles, such as 1-2 Switch

A game which harks back to the competitive fun of Wii Sports. It has a number of different novelty mini-games within it, like ‘Samurai Training’ and ‘Copy Dance’. The majority of which look like they’re targeted at two players – which makes sense, considering the console only ships with two controllers.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Not your classic Nintendo game, by a long shot.  The Binding of Isaac was a pretty popular game on the current-gen consoles. It’s even got a 10/10 on Steam – so it might be worth purchasing as a decent launch title. It isn’t a massive game, though, so don’t expect it to take up a lot of your time.

Just Dance 2017

Because nothing says ‘portable console based fun’ quite like dancing around like a pillock, whilst staring at a small screen in the back of your mum’s people carrier.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Probably the most appealing game on the list. In general, Zelda games are good games. This one looks like it might even be a great game – so here’s hoping.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Skylanders is Skylanders, really. If you’re not into it, this game probably won’t sway you. If you’re a fan of the series, or have a child who is, then this will probably be the launch title for you (along with Zelda).

Super Bomberman R

I’ve heard good things about this game. Though if you just purchase the base console, for £280 without any additional controllers, you’ll be stuck playing 2-player. That would be a shame.

The Price

Sure, the launch titles aren’t looking incredible. But launch titles are usually pretty forgettable. So we can forgive Nintendo for the lackluster list. What’s slightly less forgivable, though, is the price. We wrote an article looking at a rough pricing for the Nintendo Switch (out of a bundle) when you add in some extra peripherals and a couple games. You’ll be lucky to get much change out of £450, once you add in a couple of titles, another controller or two, and a carry case for your new console. That’s a lot of money – considering you could pick up both a PS4 and an Xbox One for that sort of cash. But, in fairness to Nintendo, I didn’t get much change out of £450 when I bought the Xbox One on launch. Once I’d purchased a few extras, like games, play and charge kits, extra controllers, I was closing in on the £450 mark.

The issue I have with the Switch, though, is that it’s late to the party. Had Nintendo got their act together and launched the Switch instead of the WiiU, they may well be sitting pretty. For them to beat the Xbox One and the PS4 now, almost five years since launch, they needed to do something very special; something different. Which they have done with the Switch. But what’s more, they needed to do that at a competitive price-point. Which they’ve failed to deliver.

What would it take for us to purchase a Nintendo Switch?

At the end of the show, we had a question sent in to us from one of the viewers. They asked what it would take for us to purchase a Nintendo Switch. For me, it would have to be a few great early games (like Zelda) coupled with a new RPG Pokémon release. Not a rehash or re-release of Sun and Moon, but a whole new experience. I’m thinking an MMO type RPG Pokémon experience. It’s a lot to ask, but that’s what would convince me to fork out £400 on a new console.

For Alex? It was the price point. If they dropped the price of the Switch he’d probably purchase one. But he currently has the Xbox One, the PS4, PlayStation VR and a new (relatively inexpensive) gaming PC. For £400, he doesn’t really need it.

So that’s your roundup of this week’s GG EZ Live Show. Make sure to tune in next week, Thursday at 8.30pm, on our Facebook page!