The Game That Turned Me To The MMORPG Genre

Sometimes I sit and try to think of a nice bit of prose to introduce a game after a slightly vague title. Perhaps to keep you on the edge of your seats whilst you wait to read the title of the game that has made me write the article. I’ll talk about how I enjoy playing the game in my spare time, how there isn’t a game out there currently like it, and how I can’t stop thinking about playing it whenever my mind slips from the task at hand. But I’m not going to do that with this game. Nope, Neverwinter holds its own.

(see what I did there?)

I’ve never really played the MMORPG genre of game. The closest I ever really got was a brief love affair with Rune Scape, back in the day. I was hooked on that game for a good few months, but I wouldn’t say that it was overly memorable. I can’t really recall the story, or the quests… all that really comes to mind, when I think back to the game, is spending hours of my time mining raw materials to smelt into metals to craft into weapons and armour – all in an attempt to level up. It was probably an epic waste of time, but I enjoyed playing it nonetheless.

Neverwinter is a completely different MMORPG, however. I’ve spent a fair few hours on the game, whenever I get the time (which seems to be decreasing of late), but what I’ve played so far has been rather memorable. Sure, the missions are much of a muchness – your usual ‘deliver this to them’ or ‘go kill that warlord’ or ‘guide this person to their objective’. The graphics aren’t mind blowing and the voice acting leaves a little to be desired, at times. But, in general, it’s a gripping experience.

Performing various tasks for the characters in the game seems to take up the majority of my time. There’s a lot of great quest material there, to keep both groups or individual players entertained. There’s also a good mix of quest content, which encourages you to try all of the different aspects of the game – from completing group dungeons, to participating in PvP or trying your hand at the different professions. And Neverwinter really does offer a lot to us gamers; for free, I might add. I enjoy playing the PvP, and completing the quests, and I spend a lot of time managing the various professions. It’s a well crafted game, which is pretty simple to pick up for us noobs. And, if you’re struggling to do something, the game gives you a selection of ‘special quests’ which reward you with XP bonuses, and coin, for completing some of the basic tasks of the game – like purchasing items, selling items at auction, completing profession tasks and even enchanting runes.

I’ve been waiting for a game like Neverwinter for some time now. I’ve been wanting a WoW like game to come to the Xbox One for a while and, I must admit, I thought that that game was going to be Elder Scrolls Online. But Neverwinter has come from leftfield, and it’s grabbed my attention with both hands. I’m now officially an MMORPGer (ish), and it’s all thanks to Neverwinter.