The Game Experiment

So, we love video games here at IM PLAYIN. I know, shock horror, right? We’ve spent many an afternoon and evening debating exactly what our dream video game would be. When would it be set? What genre would it be? Who would be in it and what would it be about? So many questions to answer with so many different possibilities that would work together to help create a fantastic game. So, we’ve decided to tell you about our ideal video game … but with a twist. Alecs Pillik has come up with the genre and the setting, Kailios has covered the characters and their weapons and ThinkBad monkey is giving you the story. But, there’s one rule, none of us can know what the others are writing about. It will all be pieced together in editing and we will try our best to make some sort of coherent game. So let’s see how it goes!

The game begins in the heat of battle, somewhere in the modern age. The blood, shrapnel and constant explosions, tear into everything around the characters, these are the horrors of war. The team, after hours of combat, finally fight back the oppressing forces. Their commander gives them a mission of the utmost importance, to intercept an enemy shipment carrying an ancient object, mined from an excavation deep below the ground.

Upon finding the precious cargo the men quickly attempt to secure the package. Out of the darkness, a single soldier fires at the team, the blood of the squad splats upon the artefact. In the midst of the battle, a bright light shoots into the night’s sky, a portal emerges from the shadows and pulls the injured men into its depths.


The team awake to find themselves in an unknown past in a land of peace and freedom. Yet, the men struggle to survive in this ancient and alien world as they battle to make sense of what had happened to them. They quickly find that they have to adapt to the different weapons and peoples as they traverse this mythical world, that is not so different form their own.

Due to their blood link with the ‘Time Artifact’, the squad slowly discover that they possess the ability to pull in objects from their own world at key moments – utilising anything from heavy artillery to assault rifles in dire situations. However, it doesn’t take them long to realize that they were not the only men to be pulled into this unknown world. The enemy from their present has followed them to the past and the team must unite with the people in the foreign land against this new threat and stop their enemy from creating a future void of hope and freedom.

These ancient people were tall and lean of stature, well built with muscles acutely defined, these were men in their prime. Arthain was no different in his physical attributes. Mid-length charcoal black hair flowed either side of a square jaw, the hair at the back tied up in several places round his shoulders. His eyes were that of a piercing bright blue, the like that could charm but turn as cold as ice upon confrontation. He had an easy sense of humour that made people comfortable in his presence, while all the same, having a dominant but controlled fury about him when called upon. His wits as sharp as a dagger – he had women weak at the knees and the men glare in envy.

Being from wealth, he had all the riches of the county within his grasp. Anything he wished for, he could have; the best foods, the and the richest wines. His parents, both lord and lady, adored him. And yet he was unhappy. He had no choice but to live the life of royalty upon growing up, and this had bored him greatly, especially as a child who had it thrust upon him without earning his title. He was now yearning for freedom and exploration, his lineage had never allowed him to go beyond the kingdom as he pleased, due to the threat of civil war looming ever closer. He was a man certain others would give their life to be, where some had even tried.


Upon himself he had the weapons of Nature and Chaos; opposites – the only set in the known world. One was of the brightest white metal that shone wherever it could be seen, it dazzled attackers, where enemies knew they would be dancing with death should they dare confront him. The other was a black metal. It absorbed light and radiated power beknown to man. A gift for his service and heritage, handed down through generations. Weapons of an unknown origin, even to this day, centuries later. His clothing was that of the standard Sacred Watch, the finest steel, with the embellishment of his house, The Falcon, across the breastplate. White gold trimmings ran along the edge of the dark grey metal.

Yet, despite all of his wealth and freedoms, he always longed for adventure. The peaceful world that he had come to know was one that he longed to escape, and the arrival of the strangers on their shores, and the weapons that they possessed, could spark the opportunity for the adventure that he so desperately craved. His first task was to convince his people, and his father, of the importance of helping this stranded team. These five men would deeply affect his future, and our past.


We see this game being set in both the present day, and the past. It will be a sandbox RPG with open world elements – though it will not be completely free roam. Its best comparisons would be that of Dragon Age or the Dragon Knight Saga, where the world is almost entirely open but sections will be closed off as you advance through the game. For example, the story could begin on the bloody battlefield as your valiant hero charges down machinegun fire, but once you have explored that world (after the fighting is over, of course) you must advance through to the next experience and explore the rest of the game. The graphics will be crisp and clean, much like most FPS games, but edging towards the dynamic visuals of Battlefield rather than that of Call of Duty. There will be vast, green open fields to resemble times of peace, and dark, muddy plains, littered with bodies and twisted metal showing the horrors of war. When it comes to the mechanics, you will control your player in the third person, using a cover system similar to that of Gears of War, or Mass Effect, but you will be able to shoot in first person when needed. 

This game draws influence from titles such as Battlefield 3, Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim, Witcher 2 and Time Splitters. We came up with each section on our own and joined them together in editing. The odd thing is that we all had similar ideas as to what our perfect game should be. So, when it came to putting it together, the story just seemed to slot in to place. But hey, this is our perfect game – so what would yours be?