The future’s bright, the future’s … blue?

My PS4 has been sitting around twiddling its thumbs all week like a child that wants to play but can’t decide which toy to play with or which new toy to get next. It hasn’t yet got a favourite toy to keep it busy so I’ve just been keeping it maintained with regular updates. We’re at Update 1.61 now which adds wireless headset support, which is a good thing as I’ve just got the new Sony Gold PS4 Wireless Headset. And all of my existing games (thank you, Instant Game Collecton) are up to date as well according to my list of notifications which tends to update itself overnight. It’s a bit like magic. I succumbed to the low price of £33.95 for Thief which I pre-ordered from, I’m not sure how long that deal runs for but it’s a great price for ANY PS4 game despite my reservations about it looking a bit grey and the gameplay being a bit, well, all ‘thiefy’ and nothing else.

I also pre-loaded the Final Fantasy XIV Beta which arrived on the PSN store on 19th February so that I was ready to jump in when the PS4 beta started on the 22nd February.  The first beta phase ran from the 22nd Feb to March 3rd, plenty of time to reach the beta level 20 cap before it all wipes. The second beta phase runs from April 4th to April 7th with no wipe at the end of it, and you can carry across your data to the full version which releases, hopefully, 14th April.  I’ll try and write impartially about it, but Final Fantasy is how my gamer handle was derived over a decade ago – Fantasy from Final Fantasy, Meister because I’m the master of all things Final Fantasy, see? – so trying to remain objective on this particular topic is quite difficult. I’ve also got my pre-order in for Destiny at Amazon but I had £40 in Amazon gift vouchers to throw towards it so it won’t be a big hit on my future bank balance. Destiny, I think, is going to be the main reason I’ll be seeing a lot more of my PS4’s blue menu screens in the future, including lots of Destiny Summer Beta, the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV beta, and, well, I’ve been doing a bit of digging and it turns out there’s a massive list of games in development that are going to float my boat in 2014 and beyond, so I’ll list a few that I’m keeping an eye on. Helldivers. Just watch the YouTube, you don’t really need to know any more after watching it.

That’s my next ‘must have it day one purchase’ along with Tom Clancy’s The Division. But I’ll also be firing up my PS4 for these guys too: Soma Transistor, Project Phoenix, The Witness, Dying Light. The Order: 1886, Star Wars Battlefront, Deep Down, Rime, Hotline Miami 2, Watchdogs, Evil Within, The Witcher 3, The Crew, Drive Club and Final Fantasy XV (of course)! Which also looks awesome, have a little gander here:

Most of the above games are down for a 2014 release, some are still a ways off and buried deep into 2015’s release schedule, but it’s quite an impressive list of things to be looking forward to. At least it’ll mean the PS4 gets used for a bit more than just a £349.99 Netflix platform which is what it’s currently been mostly used for in my house.  And the only reason that happens is because it’s just a tiny bit easier to boot up and run Netflix on my PS4 than it is my 360. Anyway, lots to be getting on with, hope you’re all enjoying your current crop of games and are as optimistic about the future of gaming as I currently am!