The Evolve Alpha – Thoughts Before Playing What Could Be The Best Game Of 2015

I’m one of the lucky people selected for the Evolve alpha on the Xbox One. I must admit, I wasn’t even planning on entering for a chance to play it, and I probably wouldn’t have were it not for a conveniently placed advert on the Xbox One dashboard. But, the advert was more than enough to tempt me in. Especially as, for me at least, Evolve seems to be the evolution (see what I did there) of the themes laid down by Left4Dead, one of my favourite games of all time. So now that I’ve been selected to play the alpha, I’m finding myself becoming increasingly excited to play this game.

I do have one big reservation about this game, before going in to the alpha, which is that I don’t actually have any friends to play it with. Of course, I do have friends, but none of them have access to the alpha… so I’m kind of on my own. That’s not how I wanted my first experience of playing Evolve to go down. It’s all about team play, and those sorts of games are most fun when you play them with friends. Left4Dead was a decent game to play by yourself, but playing it with just one other friend turned it from a good experience to an incredible one. Sure, I’ll be able to play with other likeminded gamers on the alpha, but it’s never the same. So that’s why I feel like I’m going to enjoy it far less over the next few days than I would come 2015.

That being said, there is always the potential that the game pulls a Left4Dead, and it’s almost as enjoyable on your own or with randomers. If that happens then I’ll know that Evolve is going to be an incredible game. If it’s good on your own, or with strangers, then the likelihood is that it’ll be absolutely incredible with friends. That’s the eventuality that I’m really hoping for.

So what am I most looking forward to? I guess I’m really excited to check out the whole 4v1 mechanics. I’m also interested to see whether the game is just as fun playing as the 1 as it is playing as a part of the 4. It’ll be nice to see if the game encourages communication between players, because Evolve will be the sort of experience where the 4 will really need to pull together to stay alive and to succeed. That means working tactically and not running off on your own (as was the case in most situations on Left4Dead when I played with randomers, or even the AI). But, I think the main thing that I’m intrigued by is how they’re going to set out the games and their objectives. Will we get to play some of the story? Is there even a story mode and, if so, what would that entail? I’m really interested to see how they’ve set out the game modes, and to finally get my hands on them!

Evolve is shaping up to be a great game, and it was very warmly received at EuroGamer… plus they had queue times of over two hours, so I assume people wouldn’t queue that long to play a shit game. Evolve has the potential to be 2015’s GOTY, mainly because it’s bringing something new to the table. So I’m very excited to get the chance to play it!

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Are you looking forward to Evolve? Or are you really not interested by it? Let us know in the comments below.