The Drowning

The Drowning is a new FPS game that has emerged onto the App Store boasting a new control system. I saw a video a while back explaining the new controls and the hopes from the studio that this will help the genre finally crack the handheld market. 

Instead of the traditional joystick controls, The Drowning utilises the touch screen to tap waypoints the character will run to, while swiping from left to right will turn the camera view. One of the many issues that I found with joystick style controls is that you can’t shoot and move at the same time. By tapping on where you want to go this issues is  solved by allowing freedom to turn and shoot all while the character moves toward the waypoint. 

With the addition of controls for turning 180 degrees and taping with two fingers on the screen to fire between the two, this does feel like a step in the right direction for FPS games on a touch screen. However I think that is going to take a lot more for the genre to take off on our tablets and phones as it has done with other gaming consoles.

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