The Don’t Starve Diaries – Day 1: 29.9 Days of Night

My name is Wilson, and I am a scientist cast in to a strange, unknown world after an experiment gone awry. The experiment … how long ago that seems to be. It was going so well. I thought I had it perfectly calculated, no, I KNOW that I had it perfectly calculated. I must have been right. Hours and hours of work went in to it. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to that radio voice. “Looks like you’re having some trouble!”, oh yes, having some trouble. If only he knew how much trouble I’m in now, no thanks to him! I am writing to you, the reader whom must of come across my dairy within this wretched world. For all I see is darkness, darkness surrounds me, engulfs my very soul. If it wasn’t for the campfire before me, I would be dead.  I was a scientist once, although it feels like another time, another place, another world.

Dont Starve Diaries 1
Day 1

Today was supposed to be like any other day, until I dropped face first in the dust after the experiment. I must of rolled over, as when I awoke, I was flat on my back. I awoke dazed, with a shadowy figure standing before me. “Say pal, you don’t look so good, you better find something to eat before night comes” he says, before vanishing before my very eyes. I had to push myself up, and gaze around my surroundings. Bleak is the land in which I stood. Mixed colours of grey and green. Then the words of the stranger hit me. Instinct kicked in, I looked about, and there were several saplings about, I hastily pulled them up and placed them within my clothing. It dawned on me that I would need them to hold together my equipment. As I walked among the trees they seemed to sway, eerily in a trance like state, as if they were alive. But how were they doing it? There is no wind. I wandered for a bit, and stumbled upon some long grass, I immediately pulled it up. More grass like that will make good tinder for sure. My scientist mind was whizzing, I needed more materials, and the day was going scarily fast, as if hours were minutes. I felt safer knowing that I could use the grass and twigs to make a torch of some sort, but I needed more. I moved north, well at least what I presumed was north, I actually had no idea. I must have still been concussed by this point. After moving on, I couldn’t believe my luck, within the same patch of ground I found several bits of flint, which could be  used to create a fire. Not 5 steps away, were 2 carrots. Not much food, but it was food I would not have believed possible to grow in such a depressing place. I quickly realised that, to maintain the fire, I needed larger twigs, no not twigs, trees! I used the flint and twigs to hastily put together what I am ashamed to say was an axe. It wasn’t great, but it did the job as I hacked away at the nearest evergreen. I thought it best to keep moving “north”. On the way I found more carrots, and also a berry bush. I’ve noticed a lot of random flowers about; although oddly their mere presence for some reason lifts my spirits. I feel as though my luck has changed. I guess, looking back, this isn’t so bad, I thought I would be trapped in a land without food or resource for the majority of the day, so finding these provisions really lifted my spirits.

Dont Starve Diaries 2

The day is nearly over now, but a little while ago I saw a bird land not too far away. It was peering at me with its beady eyes, as if it wanted something from me, although it was quite the reverse, I wanted something from it – in my eyes, this was food. A nice poultry dish would make do with my carrots and berries I had scavenged earlier. I quickly ran towards it, axe poised, but with a flutter the bird flies away. What a waste of effort, I thought to myself. I turned to leave, and yet as I look at the ground where it had been, it had left some seeds. Maybe it wasn’t so bad I guess, they could come in handy, so I pocketed them.

The day was getting on, and darkness was approaching fast, but a sound in the distance intrigued me. I heard running water, so I walked further, and as I ambled past the nearest set of trees into an open clearing, I remember standing transfixed.  In front of me was a small creature, hopping about like a rabbit, but with a twisted look about itself. It looked harmless though, and even though I wasn’t hungry at the time, my belly was still thinking for later. But I guess I have to think ahead now. I managed to creep closer and closer, I was nearly on it, and I remember thinking to myself what savoury taste it would provide. But then, as I got closer, the sun had dipped just that bit nearer to the horizon. A slight darkness encroached the scene, and the would be rabbit bolted for its burrow where it vanished. At a loss, I thought to myself what possibly could have freaked it out so much. But after a few minutes, I could feel things were a little different than how they were during the day. Something in the air, I guess. I looked up at the evening sky, “It‘s getting late. It will be dark soon” I thought.

Dont Starve Diaries 3.5

Dont Starve Diaries 4

After laboring away and scrounging for more materials, I wanted to make sure that I was stocked up, and I had to find a camp suitable to stay in. But then it happened. Darkness came. I must have lost track of the time. It appeared quicker than I could react. A darkness that seemed to engulf the very earth itself. I panicked. I fumbled to drop the logs I had been carrying on the ground, and along with the grass I had found earlier, I tried to make a fire. A hissing noise edged closer, “What was that?!” I struck the flint to make a fire. Nothing. The hissing got closer, I struck it again, still nothing. I’m doomed, it had only been a day and I was already a dead man, I thought to myself. The hissing was on top of me, I could swear I felt something breathing down my back, it was going to strike me down. All of a sudden a spark shot out, the fire caught light and a small blaze was born. It lit up the vicinity. I spun a full 360 looking for whatever it was that seemed to be coming for me, but there was nothing to be seen. All I could see was the small circle around me projected from the campfire. I threw more logs on. It was that moment that my fear of the dark was born, I think. The more logs I put on, the brighter the campfire and the safer I felt. That was good enough for me. In the warmth of the camp fire, I huddled myself up, wishing the night away, not being able to do anything more, not wanting to do anything more, I felt my sanity ebbing away into the very darkness around me. It seemed to welcome it as if the night itself was alive with malice.

Dont Starve Diaries 5

This was only day 1, and I knew I was alone, I needed to find more materials to survive, but more importantly I thought to myself as the night wore on, Wilson, old chum, if there is one thing you need to do, it’s to be a good chap and don’t starve.

  • Michael Scoates

    I’m one of those gamers who, if I don’t ‘get’ a game straightaway, it goes on my pile called ‘to get back to’ which then self-composts into my ‘pile of shame’. This is one of those games. I know it’s old school to discover and find out stuff, but I’ve been doing that for 30 odd years in games, I like my hand held now. Like a geriatric.

  • Michael Scoates

    I’m one of those gamers who, if I don’t ‘get’ a game straightaway, it goes on my pile called ‘to get back to’ which then self-composts into my ‘pile of shame’. This is one of those games. I know it’s old school to discover and find out stuff, but I’ve been doing that for 30 odd years in games, I like my hand held now. Like a geriatric.