The Best Moments from egx rezzed 2017

We had an awesome time at EGX Rezzed in March. So much so, that I thought I’d share some of our images and Tweets from the day. Enjoy!

We started the day with a romp through Nazi occupied Europe, whilst playing the awesome Day of Infamy.


From killing Nazis to building castles. We then moved onto more stately tasks, in the enticingly fun King Under the Mountain.


From commanding peasants to build castles as a King, to being a peasant building armor for the same chap. Call the Blacksmith is a really unique and rewarding game.


From creating armor for those supposedly appointed by God, to carrying the heads of the gods themselves. We dove into Oh My Godheads, and OMG was it great.


Slithering through the eden of EGX Rezzed

Continuing with our theme of biblical symbolism, we then played the addictively fun Snake Pass – currently available on most platforms. Thankfully, there was no tempting of people to eat apples in this game.


From playing the embodiment of the devil himself, to playing games made by those stoutly adverse to evil. We enjoyed two awesome games from developers Vs Evil; At Sundown and Let Them Come.


Den even managed to set the High Score on Let Them Come.


Day Two at EGX Rezzed 2017

Day two was focused around playing games and recording interviews with all of the incredibly passionate developers at the show. We started out by playing the wonderfully fun Inops.


Den’s efforts were rewarded by winning himself this cool tee. We think the pink really brings out his eyes.


From winning tees to winning hearts. R8 Games’ passion for their latest title, Formula Fusion, was enough to convince us that it’s a game well worth picking up.


Kicking arse and taking hats

From winning hearts to winning hats. We were challenged by Slingshot Cartel to a match on their latest title The DRG Initiative.


Could we best the chaps that made the game? Could we beat them, and win their coveted DRG Initiative hat? Yes and no.


Sure, they beat us. In fact, they annihilated us. But hey, they made the game so what did you expect? They still gave us the hats, though.


As our second and final day was drawing to a close, and we were about ready for a nap, we decided to unwind with a game of Anti Hero.


When all was said and done. After we’d played a plethora – no – a smorgasbord of video games. After we’d talked to all those incredibly passionate people. And eaten our body weight in chips. Our feet hurt. So we went home.


Were you at EGX Rezzed 2017? If so, what was your favorite game or moment? Let me know in the comments below!