The awesome aspects of Star Wars: Battlefront

The other day I wrote an article about some of the aspects of Star Wars Battlefront that I’m not overly keen on. I’m not going to re-list them here, so if you want to read the article you can find it through this link. But I’m no negative Nancy, so I thought that I’d add to that argument with some balance – so here are a few reasons as to why I leeeeerv Star Wars: Battlefront

Lightsabers, and shit.

I’m sure that all of y’all know what a Lightsaber is. One of my favourite aspects to this game is that you get to use one… and come face-to-face with other players using one too. Whether it’s striking down Storm Troopers as Luke Skywalker, or force choking your way through Rebel scum as Vader, being a Jedi or Sith is pretty kick ass. Even being killed by a Jedi or Sith is pretty damn cool, and it’s difficult to convey the pure sense of fear that strikes at your heart, as you turn a corner as a normal foot soldier to be greeted by Darth Vader.

But this is where the ‘and shit’ aspects come in, because it’s pretty fun to play as the other heroes, too. Each has their own unique abilities, and whilst Princess Leia is a tad awful, it’s still fun to play as the other heroes (but not quite as fun as it is to play as Darth or Luke).


Battlefront is the gameification of the Star Wars universe; shocking, right? What I mean by that statement is that DICE and EA have done an incredible job at conveying Star Wars within a game. It looks and feels like one of the movies, from the stunning vistas of Hoth to the dense forests of Endor, and it sounds exactly like them too, from the hum of a Lightsaber to the shriek of a TIE Fighter. It well and truly feels like you’re inside the Star Wars universe, when you’re playing Battlefront, and it’s damn magical. It still sends the occasional tingle down my spine when I see an X-Wing fighting it out with a TIE Fighter above me, or when Luke meets Vader in the middle of a battle – it’s just packed full of those ‘only in Star Wars’ moments.

The gameplay

It took me a little while to get used to the gameplay of Star Wars: Battlefront. I’m not afraid to admit it, I initially sucked at the game. Once I’d got into it, though, I found the combat a lot easier. It’s not quite the same as Battlefield, and it’s not quite the pace of CoD, it’s somewhere in the middle – and I like it. The combat is pretty fast paced, and when you combine it with the weapons, you get a pretty compelling combat experience! Plus, you can play as Heroes as well, which is one hell of a bonus.

The graphics

Possibly the greatest thing about this game is how gorgeous it looks. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a prettier game, at least not since Ryse. It wasn’t since Ryse that I had that ‘wow’ factor, and it’s rife in Battlefront. Almost every corner that I turn, I’m impressed with the visuals, from the characters to the scenery. I’ve even been distracted by how pretty it is, and killed by the enemy – probably not a good thing, but it’s happened once or twice.

I’m not going to lie, the game isn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I think that’s a combination of the changes that DICE and EA have made from their winning Battlefield formula, and the fact that I’d been building this game up in my mind for well over a year – probably even longer, if you include the years that I wished they’d be developing a third Battlefront game. It was never going to live up to my expectations, and whilst it isn’t my ‘perfect’ Battlefront game, it’s sure as hell a good game in its own right.