SUPERHOT is the best FPS for some time

As far as FPSs go, the Call of Duty and Battlefield series have the genre pretty much locked down. It’s difficult for anyone to get their foot in there, especially if they’re just a small developer. But here we have Superhot, an indie game with a hell of a lot of character and quality. So much so, in fact, that I’d honestly say that it’s possibly the best FPS I’ve played in years. Probably since Battlefield 4.

That being said, what appeals most about Superhot is its uniqueness in the face of samey shooter experiences. So, if you’re looking for the usual online-multiplayer, first person shooter; Superhot isn’t that game. What Superhot delivers is an engaging, thrilling, exciting and addictive shooter experience – one like few others.

The difference between Superhot and other FPSs is the time-control elements. In the game, time only moves when you move, and the slower you move, the slower time passes. So, if you’re faced with five enemies, all shooting at you, you can manoeuvre around the bullets and take them down – one by one. Then, at the end of each level, the game shows you what it looked like in real-time. When you’re playing the level in slow motion and normal speed, it feels pretty epic. But it looks 1,000 times better when you see the real-time replay, and realise how much of a badass you truly are.


It’s not a “realistic” looking game, as you can see from the image above. But that’s part of its charm. It doesn’t need realistic looking graphics, and it all builds in to the aura created by the game. Visually, Superhot is sometimes a confusing experience, and it’s one that is most certainly built for VR. But that doesn’t mean it’s rubbish without VR. On the contrary, it’s just as good (and I can say that, because I’ve played it on the Oculus as well). However there’s far more to this game than meets the eye, and I really enjoyed unearthing the story as I played.

There are only three types of guns – a pistol, a shotgun and an assault-rifle, and a few types of melee weapons – a katana, a baseball bat, a pipe and a golf-club. You can also use inanimate objects to knock weapons out of the hands of your enemies, or throw them off balance to launch an attack. In essence, it’s a tactical FPS. When you combine the time based gameplay with the FPS elements, you get a really engaging gaming experience. I love tactical shooters, and Superhot really takes that to another level.

I played the latest Call of Duty game, and I was bitterly disappointed after a few hours. It doesn’t feel fresh anymore – it felt recycled, and a little forced. Games like SuperHot, however, are more exciting. They bring something new to the table – and I’m all for that. You can pick Superhot up on Steam and on the Xbox One, and I really recommend it.

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