Sunset Overdrive!

Some games are awesome because they’re taken deadly serious, some are brilliant because of reinventing a genre, and some are so crazy, that you can’t help but wear a smile and become expectant at the release. Sunset Overdrive is that game. The trailer looks so crazy, that you can’t help but foam at the mouth. Insomniac Games are well recognised for producing Playstation exclusives up to this point, bar one – Fuse, which I believe we can all say was a decent-at-best title, that wasn’t memorable. The reason for the transformation to producing an Xbox One exclusive isn’t entirely clear. Whether it’s down to Playstation rejecting the early idea of the game or down to Microsoft coming up with a stronger offer, or perhaps Insomniac headed to Microsoft for a change of pace and to work on the other side of the fence. One claim from the gameplay first look released by Xbox, Insomniac claims this is “the game we’ve been building up to, over the last Twenty years”, a strong claim for one of the leading game makers during the early playstation years.

The plot in itself sounds absolutely bonkers. Basically, you play as an employee of a drinks company, called FizzCo, who have celebrated the launch of their latest drink with a big party. So, as the designated cleaner, your job is to clear up the mess left by the party, as well as remove the humans who mutated due to drinking too much of the product. The weapons for dealing with these mutants are similar to the Dead Rising series in terms of stupidity and craziness, but cartoon like in appearance to fit with what Insomniac has done best in many peoples opinions.


There have  been huge murmurs about the role cloud computing will play in this game…something I eagerly await to hear from E3. Cloud Computing, as we’re told thus far, will mean that any suggestions given to Insomniac that they decide is hilarious, fitting, whatever, can be put in within minutes, allowing user generated memes, weapons, jokes, to be put instantly into the game whilst you’re playing…The future of gaming hey! Even new enemies can be added to the system through Cloud computing. The future of these games is looking amazing. This, plus the apparent capability of having 8 player co-op makes me drool in anticipation.



The game shows huge cartoon style, following its footsteps in the successful cartoon-y games, as mentioned previously. Spyro and Ratchet & Clank are two of the biggest franchises from my childhood. I remember fondly the artistic design of the games and levels; with the advances made in the last couple of years, an updated look on those games with added blood and weapons, what’s not to love?! The cartoon world will also be open-world; as most big games are these days. I’m praying for a huge world that we can really churn into fun – hopefully the size of Grand Theft Auto or Dead Rising, without the need to travel from one end to the other in every mission! (Damn you, end of DR3!).

I’ll save my favourite part for last…just like my dinner. The Death scenes. Wow, I cannot wait to die on this game! My personal favourite, from the trailer above is the spaceship, as if you’ve just come back from being probed lol. The number of these I’m guessing will be quite large, large enough to perhaps not let you get pissed off seeing the same ones over and over, plus the cloud computing earlier will probably incorporate a few cool ways to respawn along the way. For me, it’s a very intuitive and unique way to approach your character dying, which adds a bit more comedy to a game that’s seemingly littered with comedic value.