Stick Cricket 2 – Out of the ground!

It’s now time for the IPL, the Indian Premier League, to begin. To those who don’t know, this is the best time of year for Cricket fans. I played the original Stick Cricket game and enjoyed it; select what team you want to play as and beat the scores within the 10 overs.

This year, they’ve really shaken up the content and what the aim is. There’s no longer any pure cricket games of ‘reach this score’… well there is, but they are very few and very far between. I like that they’ve added variation, there’s at least 8 different game modes, however, most are focusing on get as many boundaries or 6s as you can, with the aim to get 3 stumps, for 3 stars. It doesn’t however indicate, on the majority of game modes, how many you need to get for each stump, apart from the “6 Off” as I like to call it – because the aim is to get more than the other 3 batsmen noted on the scoreboard – and the elimination round, which you can tell as you’re aiming to get more runs per over than the other batsmen left in.

There’s two options: Origins, where you play for what is presumed to be a local team, which is quite easy at the start but becomes harder, quite quickly, to get the three stumps that you want and then there’s international, which requires a certain number of stumps to unlock, but in which you can choose which nation you represent. They both feature the same game modes, although you don’t know when you’re going to get what, but that helps keep it interesting, all you know is the total number of stumps you require to unlock the next 1 to 3 ‘missions’.

What they’ve also added is a Locker Room, where you can equip outfits that give you more speed (equipped Shoes), more timing (your gloves) or more power (your bat). You can also add more shots by progressing through the game – not via your stumps, but via a certain number of 6s or runs made. It states you can buy shots to get around it, but there’s two things at work here – 1) I’m not actually sure how benefitial they are to getting more 6’s or boundaries and 2) It costs a ridiculous amount. Either £2.29 or £3.99, which is a total rip off; as expected with these “free to play but we’re going to coat it in annoying ads”, games. You can also buy outfits… but yet again, they’re over-priced for what you’re getting. £10.49 for a Clowning Around outfit, which gives 52+ in each category, but is 48% cheaper than buying the three pieces individually… still ridiculous.

Apart from the micro transactions, I’m still quite annoyed that they haven’t included the first mode of actually playing through the tournament as one of the teams – my guess is they lost the rights/ability to do it, but it would’ve been nice to add these features of Stick Cricket 2 into the first one, so that you can choose what you want to do – I enjoyed chasing down those run scores!