Star Command

Star Command really appeals to us here at IM PLAYIN. It’s like Star Trek has had an illegitimate love child with the Star Wars ship battle scene against General Grievous. Don’t be put off by the £1.99 charge, as it’s really worth playing. The pixilated graphics give it a truly retro feel whilst blasting your way through space for the next battle.

You start the game as captain of your own ship, which you can name as you see appropriate, mine (Romnom) being Spaceballs 2 (if you’ve not seen that film, then don’t talk to me), and ThinkBad Monkey’s, the SS Nosecandy (Community reference).

Starting as the latest ship to join the Star Command ranks, you become separated from the rest of the squadron, and are forced to find your own way through other galaxies. Rewards from battle come in the form of three different coloured tokens; yellow representing engineering, blue representing scientific and red for general command and weapons. These tokens can be spent on either upgrading your ship, by adding different rooms which are themselves upgradable, or on adding new staff to your ship. Each ship is different, and you get an initial choice from around 5 different ships. The real beauty to this game comes from the fact that you can lay the ship out as you please.


Once you reach the Tarsus galaxy, you can begin to add Alien staff too. On earth, crew members are male, female, bald and bearded – there are lots of different options. The mechanics of the shooting is fairly simple. My ship is equipped with a laser cannon and torpedo mechanic. Firing the weapons act as a mini game of sorts. The torpedo is a ‘stop in the small gap’, type of mini game, simplicity at its best. The cannon is a simple yet fun ‘stop the small circle in the slightly larger circle whilst it’s spinning in’.

The aim in each fight is to keep the ability of firing your weapons and shields up whilst fighting off invaders and limiting the damage of the other ships weapons. Simple right? Well, actually, it gets quite tough. The aliens never stop sending groups over, and it ends up being more about using your command units to fight them off, whilst your weapons team stay at their posts (same goes for the science team behind the shield generator and dodge generator) as well as moving around the engineers to put out the fires from the enemy weapons. The developers put in a good idea here and there. If your shields are down, then a shot will puncture your ships outer shell and result in a small gap in which the vacuum of space will suck out any crew member that goes near it! Overall, this is a very good idea for a game and a few nice touches here and there add a nice polish to the experience.