Spy_Watch – IM PLAYIN Apple Watch Review

I’ve been wearing the Apple watch for a couple of weeks now, and I am starting to see how I will use it moving forward. I attempted to give gaming a go on my Pebble smartwatch before, and ignoring the graphics or the processing power, the biggest problem was the awkward way you have to hold your wrist to use these devices for long periods of time. Unlike other games, Spy_Watch isn’t built to be always on, requiring constant engagement, and this concept works a lot better with the tech it’s running on. Made by the same team that gave us greats such as ‘I am Bread’ and ‘Surgeon Simulator’, could they take the gaming world by storm again with a watch game?

Spy_Watch has a simple goal, to make you feel like a spy master, and it does a pretty good job. Instead of focusing on constant interaction, Spy_Watch will send you notifications every now and again that you can engage with, to help out your team in the field. It’s bringing the ‘choose your own adventure’ genre to your wrist, and it feels very much at home. Your decisions will effect the outcome of the missions and leveling up your spy will give more options to choose from; some relying on stealth, charisma or combat.

In a very simple menu system there are three options to choose from. You can either send your spy on money fetching missions of either two or six hours. These will have different rewards, but may pose different risks for your spy. There is also the option to train your spy in the areas already mentioned, training will cost more money for each level and will also take a longer time depending on the difficulty of the skill. It’s important to keep a good balance of money gathering and training, as finding yourself unprepared for a mission is not a good thing.

The final option is the story missions. After opening with an initial introduction explaining that your father has recently died, but before his death he turned over operation of his secret spy organisation to you; a job that you have apparently been prepared for. You only operative is a desk jockey now turned spy, hence the need for training. Story missions will expand this further, unlocking the mystery behind your father’s death and bringing down the people responsible. I didn’t find myself as drawn to the story as I guess I should have been. Gaming in a unique way like this, I didn’t care about what was on the screen so much as I did about the way I interacted with it.

Spy_Watch has passed the ultimate test by simply warranting enough interest to keep me from deleting it. I have played it now for a couple of weeks and I’m planning on playing it for a while yet. Not only is it different from all my other games, it gives me a bonus opportunity to use my Watch and does occasionally make me feel like a bit of a badass. If you have an Apple Watch then it’s well worth trying out. If not, then I don’t think any app alone has the pull to make you buy one.