Some Pros And Cons Of Making Videos On The Xbox One

When the Xbox One first graced our living rooms, it came with a very basic video editing app. That app, otherwise known as Upload Studio, was simple… a little too simple, in fact. The videos that you could make were basic, with no hint of ‘production value’ or any decent features. It was literally a service for trimming or mashing a few videos, and then putting them out for others to watch. If you wanted to do anything ‘special’ with them, you were better off trimming the video and making it look neat, and then uploading it to the One Drive to then edit in a separate video-editing programme. That’s how we at IM PLAYIN used to do it, anyway.

Now, however, Upload Studio is a completely different beast. The recent update has given the Studio a completely new edge, enabling us gamers to make some really cool videos. But, that’s not to say that the app is perfect – there’s still one or two changes that could take something good, and make it great. So, in that vein, here are a few pros and cons of making videos using the upload studio (including a video I made to emphasise my point).

Pro… the new features of the Upload app help to make your videos look rather professional. Before the update, the videos we could make looked rather basic, but Upload Studio 2.0 lets you make quick, sharp and neat looking videos in relatively little time. It’s good for people like me, who like to make video-content for their readers/listeners/viewers, but have little time to use the more complicated video editing software available on PCs and Macs. But it’s also good for the people who just like to make videos for fun, because they can make great looking video content in very little time, meaning that they can spend more time gaming and less time editing.

Con… the Xbox One’s ‘record that’ feature doesn’t record enough gameplay footage, which is annoying when you want to make an extended video. If you want to make a video that’s over half a minute long, you’ll have to start chopping in and cutting up multiple clips. If you want to make a longer video, it can sometimes be difficult to cut in different clips to keep up a seamless transition. It is possible to record longer chunks of video through the Xbox One ‘Smartglass’ app, but when you’re playing an online game, or you don’t want to break up your video with a pause screen, it’s difficult to use the app and continue playing.

Pro… the new features enable you to make some really personalised content, which helps your videos stand out from the crowd. There’s a wide range of intros, outros and transitions to choose from, and most of them can be personalised even further by adding text. You can even use a condensed version of your gamerprofile as an intro, to add a real personal touch to your videos – you can even throw in a bit of music too (if you don’t mind the quality being a little poor), as you can see below.


Con… it’s difficult to browse through your clips to find the right one, and you can’t organise them by type or game when your in the Upload Studio app. Well, currently at least. It would be good if we could organise the clips by game because, in my experience at least, whenever I want to make a video, I make them by game rather than date of recording – but maybe that’s just me.

And, because I always think that you should end on a pro…

Pro… you can use the Kinect to add video commentary over your video, or just add a video of yourself to the clip. You can even add video-in-video segments too – that’s a whole lot of video. Again, it helps add that personal touch to the videos, but it also saves time too. You can use it to discuss your clips whilst they play, and allows you to make the most of your content in a short clip.

In all, I’d say that the Upload experience is a pretty decent one. Sure, there are a few creases that could still be ironed out. But, in general, the Upload Studio is a fantastic way to make quick, easy and professional looking video content. How do you find the Upload Studio? Or do you prefer PlayStation’s alternative? Or are you a perfectionist, and prefer to edit your videos on your PC or Mac? Let me know in the comments below!